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Ya Hu


Ya Hu,originally Jianxiong Hu, member of Fujian Writers Association,editor of Strait Poetry. He began to write poetry since late 1980's. He has published a book of poetry The Seed of Wind by Strait Literary Publishing Company.


Ya Hu


The naked singularity of spring——Also to Stephen William Hawking

窗外已穿上雨丝,前檐也梳了刘海 喜欢你的呆萌,却不忍你的飘渺 穿过刘海,披上雨丝,感觉远方近了许多 又在你的眼里,退出千里,万里 这是怎样的空间?它困住了时间 这是怎样的时间?它偷去了空间 我们寻找影子里的维度 不放过任何一个微弱的符号 就算濡湿侵染对称之实 那些不可见内理,依然不愿超逸 就算习惯了黑暗的摸索 也想着要把声音点亮 这个春天被点破了外壳 在万物生成翅膀之后 眼界内外开始了新的整合 而它的主人,已逍遥成璀璨的黑暗 有谁? 一手握着过去,一手握着未来


It's already wearing drizzle outside the window, and the front eaves have combed their bangs. I like your adorable look, but can't bear your misty appearance. Through the bangs draped in drizzle, the distance feels very close But in your eyes, I retreat a thousand miles, ten thousand miles. What kind of space is this? It traps time. What kind of time is this? It thieves space. We look for dimensions in the shadow Trying not to miss the faintest sign. Even if dampness stains symmetric reality, Those invisible internal principles are still unwilling to detach. Even if he has gotten used to groping in the dark, He still wishes to light up the sound. The outer shell of spring time is pierced. After all things acquire wings, New integration has begun within and outside the field of vision. And its owner has eased into the resplendent dark. Who is it? One hand holds the past, the other holds the future.

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