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Yang Guang


Yang Guang, originally Yang Guange who was born in 1970s, is a poet and reviewer. He is the author of The Death of Love and The city Abnormal Man. He won many prizes including the research and discovery of Chinese poems, one of the best ten poets, the reviewer of the first Chinese Han poem, the modern poet and the international poet of short poems in 2011.


Qu Meihua


Qu Meihua graduated from the English Department of Yunnan Normal University. He works as an English teacher in a middle school.


The Desert Grass Sheep

火样的日和火样的沙 蒸腾着水草丰美的梦 雪亮的白骨旁 几簇草芽悄然探头 撑起了撒哈拉的春天 沙漠草羊的枯眼 颤抖着闪烁着 生命的最后一滴雨露 他一张嘴 就啃去了春色三分 撒哈拉水草丰美的梦 一下子就黯然下来 一下子就黯然下来 撒哈拉的春天


Fire - like the sun and fire - like the sand Is burning a rich dream of aquatic plants Beside the shine of white bone A few grasses quietly probe the surface Supporting the Sahara spring Dry eyes of desert grass sheep Tremble and Flash The last rain and dew of life He has a mouth Chewing only the three colors of spring The beautiful dream of the Sahara Suddenly dims Suddenly dims The Sahara spring


The Heights of One's Life And Thought
—As Sisyphus Said

不是我走向了“荒谬” 是“荒谬”走向了我 人啊 像我一样 你们的石头 注定了要在高处 可高处不胜寒 它们总要往下滚 我不让石头在低处 我不让自己在低处 像你们一样 人啊 生命不能在低处 心灵不能在低处 思想不能在低处 我们必须不停地搬自己的石头


I go not in the direction of the ridiculous It goes toward me people, like me, your rock should sit on top but it is too cold, so the rock always rolls down I do not want to let the rock roll I do not want to let myself rest in low places just like you Being human you must keep your life going upward The same for your soul, your spirit, your mind Do not stop moving Until your rock is placed on top

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