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Poet, painter, fiction writer, born in 1954 in Beijing, China. He is a member of a vanguard artist group "The Stars" founded in 1979 and an underground literary group "Today" in Beijing. As a poet, he is regarded as one of the members of the Misty Poets. He came to US in 1985 and founded quarterly journal Yi-Hang in New York in 1987. His poems have been translated into French, Italian, English, Swedish, Korean and German. He has held many exhibitions and published a number of books. He lives in Shanghai and New York.


Denis Mair

Denis Mair holds an M.A. in Chinese from Ohio State University and has taught at University of Pennsylvania. He is currently a research fellow at Hanching Academy, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. He translated autobiographies by the philosopher Feng Youlan (Hawaii University Press) and the Buddhist monk Shih Chen-hua (SUNY Press). His translation of art criticism by Zhu Zhu was published by Hunan Fine Arts Press (2009). He also translated essays by design critic Tang Keyang and art historian Lü Peng for exhibitions they curated respectively in 2009 and 2011 at the Venice Biennial. (See Lü Peng, From San Servolo to Amalfi, Charta Books, Milan, 2011). His book of poetry Man Cut in Wood was published by Valley Contemporary Poets in 2003.

梅丹理(Denis Mair), 美国诗人,中英文译者,俄亥俄州立大学中文硕士。曾担任美国宾州大学东亚语文系讲师,现任北京中坤基金翻译顾问、台湾日月潭涵静书院研究员。译作包括冯友兰的《三松堂全集自序》(夏威夷大学出版社)、真华法师的《参学琐谭》(纽约州立大学出版社)、朱朱的《一幅画的诞生》(湖南美术出版社)。诗歌翻译包括《麦城诗选》(Shearsman Books,,2009); 奚密、马悦然编的《台湾新诗选》(哥伦比亚大学出版社,2005); 杨四平编的《当代中文诗歌选》(上海文艺出版社,2007); 吉狄马加的《黑色狂欢曲》(俄克拉荷马大学出版社, 2014)。他的个人英文诗集《刻在木头里的人》(Man Cut in Wood)2003年由美国当代山谷出版社(Valley Contemporary Poets)出版。


This Pair Of Eyes

文学和江湖都证明它 直通心灵 所以我迷恋这双眼 我不需要 它们长在谁的脸上或 直通哪个有名有姓的心跳 我迷恋它们不断交融的谱系 秋波和窥视 毒素和维他命 从A到Z的撞击 我迷恋它只要眨动几滴泪花 就能代言五湖四海的动词 迷恋它的视觉可以到处悬挂风景 更迷恋内部的导航系统 和不打转弯灯的飞驰而过 迷恋它们微微地闭上之后 透出宇宙星光的两条直线


Literature and the underworld both have proven They have ways to touch your heart directly So I am fascinated by this pair of eyes I do not need them To grow on a certain person's face Or to be directly connected to a famous somebody's heartbeat I am fascinated by their ceaselessly merging lineages Their melting glances, stealthy peeks Poison and vitamins Collisions ranging from A to Z I am fascinated by a verb that can blink tearful shimmers Capable of representing whole lakes and oceans I am fascinated by their vision, which hangs up scenery anywhere Even more by their internal guidance system And their sweeping course that can do without turn signals I am fascinated by their way, when slightly closed, Of letting through two beams of cosmic starlight


Grass And Weeds

也许你也和我一样 很久以来都分不清 草和杂草 但昨天遇到的那个政治家 用很不屑的口气点拨了我: 这就像流民和民众 几根草是杂草 连成一片就是草地


Perhaps you are like me I haven't been able to distinguish Between grass and weeds But the politician I ran into yesterday Clued me in with a disdainful tone It's like displaced people and the citizenry: A few tufts of grass are weeds Joined in one place they make a lawn

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