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Chang Qun


Chang Qun' originally Yang Chang Qun' once used pen name Ruo Feng. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University' now lives in Qing Dao' China.


Peng Zhipeng


Peng Zhipeng, Master of Medicine. He is one of the guest editors of The World Poets Quarterly. He has translated and published five books of poetry, including A Poetic Ant.


The Man Who Wrote Nostalgia Was Gone
- Farewell to Yu Kwang-chung

一个写乡愁的诗人走了 从此乡愁有了更多的担忧 亘古不变的乡愁啊 是字里行间、言谈举止中 童蒙返璞似曾相识的依恋 一个写乡愁的游子走了 从此乡愁有了更遥远的距离 你在月亮的渡船上微笑 我在东海之滨把盏渔樵 一把流沙画一幅山水写意 一个写乡愁的亲人走了 乡愁从此有了刻骨铭心的追忆 同念一首诗、共饮一江水 地老天荒的乡愁啊 生死不能相隔时时都会复活

The man, who wrote nostalgia, was gone From then on, nostalgia would carry more worry Oh, the unchanging nostalgia Somehow, was an innocent attachment Between the lines and the manners The traveller, who wrote nostalgia,was gone From then on, nostalgia would go further You smiled on the ferry of the moon I drank wine with the folk on the east shore of China Drawing a freehand landscape with quicksand The beloved one, who wrote nostalgia,was gone From then on, nostalgia would get unforgettable memory Read the same poetry, drank the same river water Oh, the everlasting nostalgia Even cannot be separated by death, it will arise any time

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