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Carissa Meng

芳竹, 新西兰诗人、画家,华人之声中文电台"芳竹时间"主持人。 著有诗集《玫瑰冷饮》、《美丽是缘》(合集)、《把相思打开》、《时光的锦绣》(诗画集)。多次出席国际华文诗人笔会和世界诗人大会。2013起在新西兰中文先驱报开设每周一次的《芳竹的诗画》专栏。

Fangzhu (Carissa Meng) is a New Zealand Chinese poet, artist and "Fangzhu's time" program host in New Zealand Chinese Voice Radio. She has published four books of poetry, including The Mellowness of Time (poems and paitings), Open Lovesickness, and Rose Cold Drink. She has attended a number of international poetry conferences. Since 2013, she has been writing for "Fangzhu's Poem and Arts", a column in the New Zealand Chinese Herald.


Liu Jun

刘浚目前旅居新西兰。过去20年间,她翻译了老舍、丰子恺、张天翼等作家的20余部作品。她近日与Bruce Humes合译了维吾尔族作家阿拉提·阿斯木的小说《时间悄悄的嘴脸》。

Liu Jun has translated more than 20 works by Lao She, Feng Zikai, Zhang Tianyi and other authors in the past 20 years. She recently co-translated Uyghur author Alat Asem's Confessions of a Jade Lord with Bruce Humes. She now lives in New Zealand.


Should I Open the Door

想了又想,也不确定要不要打开门 这扇大门朝着北方 面向大海 这是个很重要的决定,因为 一开门就会有很多事情涌来 比如 风会吹向我,风会携带着 海水的盐和诱惑 会乱了我的头发 当然还有裙裾和刚宁静下来的心 这午后的热气和残余的秋也会 随风而来,会涌动着敲打我 我会担心,让我直接面对秋后的 情境,就像面对生命里余下的日子 不安是一定的,忧心也是一定的 再有,心动也会有一点点 海水的光影透过玻璃门投在屋顶 像孤独的人原地思考,闪烁其词 我还是不确定要不要推开这门 风的箭簇在海面上穿梭 望一眼 就已感觉到危机四伏


I've been thinking: Should I open the door? I cannot decide. The door faces north, facing the sea. An important decision, because many things will rush in when the door opens. Wind, for one, will come gusting, armed with the salt and the temptation of the sea -- ruffling my hair, and of course my dress, and my just-becalmed heart. In its wake, along comes the afternoon heat, and the tail-end of autumn, surging, assaulting me, until it dawns on me: When I look autumn in the eye, the days left to me stare back. Uneasy? Sure. Anxious? Of course. But also tempted? Maybe. Through the glass door, the lights and shadows of the sea frolic on the ceiling -- like a lonely person trapped in thought, unable to decipher the shimmering words. I'm still torn: Should I open this door? Across the waves dart arrows of wind. I cast my eyes over them and shudder at the danger that lurks.

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