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Hu Mingming


Hu Mingming is a member of China Writers Association. She has received a number of poetry awards, including the 4th Yehong Poetry Award in Taiwan. She has published four books of poetry, including Poetry Yoga. Her work appeared in People's Literature, Poetry Periodical and many others.


Yang Liu

瑜伽 瑜伽

Yoga Yoga

我将身体全面伸展,然后下压 我要对抗的不仅是隐痛 不仅是僵硬 还有时间 我试图以疼对抗衰落 以诗对抗平庸 以水的冥想对抗火的浮躁 既享受盾又享受矛 我愿意听到这些骨头发出声响 它们让我知道我还活着 柔软地活着 像海底的水草对抗海面的风暴


I stretch my body with all strength and press downward I want to resist not only a secret pain Not only stiff But also time I try to resist decline with pain Resist mediocre with poems With aqueous contemplation to resist fire fickleness To enjoy both shield and pike I would like to listen to the noises made by bones The noises make me feel that I am alive Softly alive Like the waterweeds on the bottom of sea resisting the offshore storm

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