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Lu Ye

路也,诗人,出生于中国济南。在山东大学获学士和硕士学位,现任教于济南大学。获过《诗刊》华文青年诗人奖(2005)、人民文学奖(2011)、《诗探索》奖"杰出成就奖"(2016),曾当选《诗刊》评选的"新世纪十佳青年女诗人"(2006)。曾为首都师范大学驻校诗人、美国KHN艺术中心入驻诗人、美国Creighton 大学驻校诗人和访问学者。已出版诗集和小说集多部。

Born in Jinan, Lu Ye did her B.A. and M.A. at Shandong University and is now teaching at the University of Jinan, China. She has won the Chinese National Award for the Young Poets by Poetry Monthly (2005), the People's Literature Award (2011) and the Distinguished Achievement Award by Poetry Exploration (2016). She has also been elected one of "the Top 10 Best Young Women Poets of the New Century". She was the poet-in-residence in Capital Normal University, Beijing, China (2005), the poet-in-residence of the KHN Center for the Arts in NE, USA (2008), and a visiting poet and scholar in Creighton University, Omaha, NE, USA (2006 and 2016). She has published a number of poetry collections and novels in China.


Ouyang Yu

欧阳昱,墨尔本拉特罗布大学英文系澳大利亚文学博士。现为澳大利亚作协会员。曾数度获创作基金奖和文学奖。第四部英文诗集《异物》获悉尼2003年快书诗歌奖。英文诗歌多次入选澳大利亚最佳诗歌选。英文长篇处女作The Eastern Slope Chronicle(《东坡纪事》)获2004年阿德雷得文学节文学创新奖。第二部英文长篇小说The English Class(《英语班》)于2011年获得新南威尔士总督奖并四次入围其他大奖。译著《致命的海滩:澳大利亚流犯流放史》获得2014年澳中理事会翻译奖。2016年获得澳大利亚理事会英文诗歌创作基金奖和澳中理事会特别贡献奖(2000-2016)。出版《永居异乡》等11部中文诗集。

Ouyang Yu, now based in Melbourne, Australia has published many books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary translation and literary criticism in the English and Chinese languages. He also edits Australia's only Chinese literary journal, Otherland (since late 1996). His poetry has been included in the best Australian poetry collections for 11 times from 2004 to 2016, and has been included in some of the major Australian collections, such as The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (2014). He also published several award-winning novels.


A Hollow in the Mountain

秋天正在破产,颜色更加鲜艳 大地的身体里打捞出了一座宫廷 这个在地图上尚未标出的地点,我喜欢。 周围山岗耸立,现在已走到了最凹陷的位置 天是静止的,云是清虚的 溪头那座破旧的亭子应当写进县志 身边的大青石可用来醉眠,这些我都喜欢。 那阳光的恍惚,南飞的绿头鸭的哀愁,石板路的蹉跎和蜿蜒 山那边传来一辆拖拉机突突突突的埋怨 我也喜欢。 如果你唱段京戏,用长腔把我绕进去,让我回到出生以前 让我的身体一咏三叹 我会更加地喜欢。


The autumn is going bankrupt,with even more vivid colours And a palace is being salvaged from the body of the earth I,though,like this spot,not identifiable on a map The mountains standing all around.Now.I've reached the bottom of the hollow The sky still,the clouds clean The broken pagoda,at the head of the creek,should have been written into the county annals And the big bluestone is where I can lie drunk and asleep---all that I like The sunlight absent-minded,the green-headed ducks flying south sad,and the flagstone street idling and meandering A tractor on the other side of the mountain is chugging away,complaining They, too,are what I like If you sing a number from a Peking Opera,wind me in with your long drawn-out tune and take me back to before my birth Setting my soul astir with song I shall like it all the more

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