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Albert F. Moritz

Albert F. Moritz (A. F. Moritz) is the author of 20 books of poetry. He has received the Griffin Poetry Prize, the Award in Literature of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Ingram Merrill Fellowship, Poetry magazine's Bess Hokin Award, selection to the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets, and three nominations as finalist volumes for the Governor General's Award, among other recognitions. His most recent books are The Sparrow: Selected Poems (2018) and Sequence: a Poem (2015), both from House of Anansi Press.

阿尔伯特-莫里茨(A. F. Moritz)是20本诗集的作者。他的诗歌获得了格里芬诗歌奖,美国艺术与文学学院文学奖,古根海姆奖学金,英格拉姆美林奖学金,诗歌杂志的贝丝霍金奖,普林斯顿当代诗人系列奖,以及三次提名总督奖,以及其他表彰。他最近的一本书是The Sparrow:Selected Poems(2018)和Sequence:a Poem(2015)。


Anna Yin

星子安娜是加拿大密西沙加市首任桂冠诗人,已出版六本诗集,英文诗荣获2005 年安省的TedPlantos纪念奖,2010/2014 MARTRY文学奖以及2016/2017年获西切斯特大学诗歌大会奖学金和安省艺术协会奖金。她的诗歌在Arc Poetry、《中国日报》、《世界日报》和CBC电台发表。她也在学校教授诗歌。

Anna Yin was Mississauga's Inaugural Poet Laureate and has authored six books of poetry, including Wings toward Sunlight and Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac. Anna won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, two MARTY Awards etc. Her poems appeared in Arc Poetry, China Daily, World Journal and CBC Radio. She teaches Poetry Alive at schools in Canada.

What They Prayed For


What they prayed for seemed not much, and already, despite the dusty weeds extending to the sky, a possession: a grassy land, lightly wooded, rolling, with intricate slopes and crossed by streams, relieved by lakes, pools and reedy swamps. Breezes over the water to suggest music; and, visible from rises, the ocean, glinting among the trees, near so that when you are silent within yourself it can be heard. Also shade and shadow: an openness to the sun, to the sky, that is yet defended and moistened by fingers of the earth. Then a few things will follow from these first conditions: women singing in full light and at dusk before reflecting water; and some way to live together that is not a scandal and a shame.


他们所祈祷的似乎并不多, 已有的一份领地,尽管 尘土飞扬的杂草延伸到天空: 一片草地,树木轻微环绕, 起伏着,错综复杂的斜坡 由溪流穿过,再在湖泊, 水域和芦苇沼泽旁平静歇息。 微风吹过,波纹泛漾如音乐; 海洋,在高处可见,从树林丛中 闪闪发光,近得就像当你沉默时 在内心深处可以听得见。 阴处和影子: 那是被大地的绿树手指保护着 和湿润着的 向太阳和天空的开放。 然后在这些先决条件下 将有一些事情发生:女人 在满堂的光亮中和黄昏水面 投影前歌唱; 并且以某种方式一起生活 不成为一个丑闻和一个耻辱

A Narrow Silent Throat


How many nights eaten by rain have I sat here, dreaming of the world, this world which is, facing a blank wall, the sound of ruining water? Or dreaming by day when the dust filled the throat and the dry light burnt all strength from the eyes: a dream of night with its grateful moisture out of the sides of the air, its repose of trees and hedges, its gift of music in running water? Dreaming in suffocating nights of a noon on wooded slopes: breathable flame, agate that quenches thirst, and the excellent shape of a maple leaf, its shadow among a million shadows conferring a just degree of darkness upon day: the vegetable humanizing the light. Dreaming of a life still possible in an anguished moment, a narrow silent throat where one by one, pulsing and shining, the unbodied elements pass.


多少个夜晚被雨侵蚀 我坐在这里,梦想着这个世界, 这个面对着一堵空白的墙, 和毁水的声音的世界? 抑或在白天当尘埃 封满喉咙,干巴巴的光线 焚烧眼里所有力量时,梦想着: 一个被感恩滋润的夜晚的梦, 来自空气两侧,安息的 树和树篱,以及那份 流水的音乐礼物? 在窒息的夜晚里我梦想 树木繁茂山坡上的一个中午: 透气的火焰,止渴的玛瑙, 和一片枫叶的优良造型, 它的影子在百万个影子里 授予白天一个恰好的黑暗标记: 植物赋予陽光人性。 梦想着一种生活仍然可能 在极度痛苦的时候, 一道沉默狭窄的喉咙那儿 无形体的元素一个接一个, 脉动着和闪耀着, 通过。

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