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Sen Zi


Sen Zi, aka Lin Weidong (1962-), born in Harbin. He studied painting in college, and now is a media editor in Henan Province. He has published nearly 10 books of poetry and prose and got several awards.


Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua, born in 1965, is a poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, France, Singapore and USA, and he has been invited to poetry festivals. He is a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.


Black Swan

又白过一天 偶然不可避免 她发出呼噜声,只有苇丛听到那种割肉的真切 木桥上,新漆的桐油未干,刷子看不清 木纹里有几只沉船 白天,不许造次的白天 没有你想说出的那句狠话 咒语周转不灵 进进出出的都是人——在垂钓人 白天,自恋狂的白天 永不换岗 也永不下班 不朽的锤子离午夜的杏仁有八丈远 白天,白天,一个接一个 你有些受不了 要发疯,大哭、大笑和大骂 她却很乐观 白天,白天,白天 这耀眼的光斑吸收不能坚守的据点 搬运一个瞎子和他眼睛里的地洞 在蠡湖中放一块焦糖 在"我的天啊!"西施永远也不会掉下来,请你放心之前。 注:蠡湖,又名五里湖,是太湖伸入无锡的内湖。相传2500多年前, 越国大夫范蠡协助越王勾践战胜吴国后,功成身退,偕西施隐于蠡湖。


Another day is wasted Contingency is unavoidable Only reeds can her how real her wheezing snores can cut into skins An invisible brush paints a wooden bridge with a new coat of woodoil Several wrecked boats buried in the texture During daytime, the inviolable daytime No space for relentless words you hope you can say Incantation has lost its charm People here, people there, people everywhere, fishing Daytime, the narcissistic daytime Never changes shift Never relieves itself The unremitting hammer is way away from midnight stone of apricots Daytime, daytime, one after another And you become desperate Need a vent, to be mad, cry, laugh or curse But she is optimistic Day, another daytime, still another This dazzling mote of light absorbs a base you can no longer hold Dislocates a blind man and the burrow in his eyes And puts a caramel rock in the Five-Mile Lake O, My! Lady Xishi will never fall before your heart is laid down Notes: The Five-Mile Lake, also called Fan-Li Lake, is an inner lake within Taihu Lake, Wuxi, Jiangsu. It is said that 25oo years ago, Fan Li (517 b.c. -?), the great statesman from the Spring and Autumn period in China, after helping the King of Yue State to conquer and recover his country, retired to a secluded life here, with the most beautiful woman Lady Xishi.

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