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R. S. Thomas
R. S. 托马斯

R. S. Thomas (1918-2000) is considered to be one of the greatest poets in 20th century. He was Welsh, but wrote in English. He was an Anglican priest and noted for his nationalism against the Anglicization of Wales.

威尔士人R. S. 托马斯(1918-2000)被认为是二十世纪最重要的英语诗人和欧洲诗人之一。他是一位基督教牧师,坚定的民族主义者(反对威尔士的英化)。


Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua, born in 1965, is a poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, France, Singapore and USA, and he has been invited to poetry festivals. He is a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.

Original Sin


It's no good talking of original sin To the man in the fields with his half grin Of natural shrewdness, whose blind fingers Fondle the sex of the warm soil. He thinks you're a fool; you think him wrong, Despite the logic of a bird's song Form the bright hill, where the sun lingers To bless softly his slow soil.


对地里的男人,你和他谈什么 原罪都没用,他挤出半张笑脸, 有自然养成的精明,手指像瞎子 摸着泥土,有温暖的性爱。 他认为你是个傻子;你认为他大错, 全不顾小鸟的鸣唱在明亮的山上 传来,自有一种道,而太阳流连 在那儿,是要赐福给他迟缓的辛劳。

The Meeting


He was looking at a flower, Not with love, but looking at it; His plough was stopped in the top corner Of a field he had just roofed. There was nothing to say that the wind, Repeating in a tree the unrecorded Facts of history, had reached further Than the cold porches of his ear. He was looking at a flower, As an animal looks, wondering nothing About the mystery of its growth. And why should he? He had grown, too. With less beauty? Who is to say? There was a likeness in his eyes, In both their tenancies of the air's Quietness. You could have passed On the hill road, unsuspecting That blank encounter in space-time Of two creatures, each with its load Of meaning not to be set down.


他正看着一朵花,不是 出于爱,只是看着而已; 犁杖停在田头的一角, 停在他刚堆积的土陇上。 风在树上一再重复 不曾记载的史实,刮到了 他冰冷的耳廊之外; 这并没什么好说的。 他正看着一朵花,像动物 那样看,并不想探知生长 所含的神秘。他为何要 去探知?他也生长至今了。 会少一些美吗?对谁而言呢? 在他眼中,他与它有一种相似, 他与花都是租户,承租着 空气的沉寂。你本可径自走过, 走上那条山路,不必审思 两个生灵在时空中的茫然 相遇,他们各自承载的意义, 并没指望会被记载下来。

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