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Franz Wright

Franz Wright (1953-2015) was a poet with a unique voice in contemporary American poetry with the themes on isolation, mental health and faith. His collection of poetry Walking to Martha's Vineyard won the Pulitzer Prize in 2004, and he and his poet father James Wright the only father-son pair to win such prize in American history.



Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua, born in 1965, is a poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, France, Singapore and USA, and he has been invited to poetry festivals. He is a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.

First Light


It's raining in a dead language. The empty house filled with the sound of your name abruptly whispered, once, before you finally slept.


雨正在下 一种死的语言。 空房子充满的声音 是你名字 突然被低声念出 一次, 在你最终入睡之前。

On Earth


Resurrection of the little apple tree outside my window, leaf- light of late in the April called her eyes, forget forget-- but how How does one go about dying? Who on earth is going to teach me-- The world is filled with people who have never died


我窗外的小苹果树 复活,四月里 叶子的光 近来 吸引她的眼球,忘记吧 忘记—— 但如何 死,一个人如何 着手? 到底有谁能 教我—— 这世界 满是从未 死过的人

June Storm


Voices from the first heartshaped green of summer leaves, rain; birds. What are they called. I'm leaving here, and still don't know. I'm going there, though, where they are-- I feel this. Feel that I was there before. I felt this as a child, and now I know it.


声音,来自夏天第一批 心形绿叶,雨; 鸟。 怎么称呼它们呢。 我要离开这儿,而仍不知道。 我要去那儿,不过, 它们的所在—— 我感觉得到。 觉得我以前我 到过那儿。 我儿时 感到过,现在 我则知道了。

Sitting Up Late With My Father, 1977


White fire of winter stars-- what he's thinking at fifty I finally know. He thinks, so the blizzards will come and I will be healed; we'll talk when you grow up and I am dead. White distant emerald fire of winter stars.


冬夜星星的白色火光—— 五十岁的他想什么, 我终于明白。 他这样想,所以暴雪会来, 我会治愈; 我们将会交谈, 在你长大 我已死了之时。 冬夜星星遥远的白色翡翠火光。

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