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Xu Dejin


Xu Dejin, poet and journalist. He was a doyen journalist of China News Agency to work in the United States. He is now the director of Fujian Branch of China News Agency.


Zhang Xiaoxian


Born in June 1988, graduated from the Department of Music Management at Northumbria University in UK, 2011. Studied in Singapore and the UK for more than 8 years, with a master degree.Participated in a numberous of academic performances and Interviewed many European rock artists. Now living in Hong Kong, engaged in financial and entertainment promotion industry.


Cuba Overture

切,那个该死的格瓦拉 像飞行器在丛林盘旋,像飞鸟 海边褐色木屋的阁楼上 他已如此仓皇,瞭望 一条鱼,在礁石的缝间暗潮汹涌 海明威的快感超过佛州奔跑的火车 像雪茄一样无趣 像一支长矛投掷天空 风徘徊于衰败的街道 哈瓦那革命广场 飘荡着油烟的味道 每一扇小小的窗口 都能看到加勒比海 和比海更加辽阔的岁月 卡斯特罗像神话一般 把自己埋葬 连同他亲手点燃的篝火 而所有人民的细软 被拉链紧紧锁住 只剩格瓦拉的帆布包 那个匆匆的战士 风靡世界 "切,我的儿子"


"Che", that damn Guevara Just like an airplane hovering in the jungle Just like a flying bird At the brown chalet in the attic by the seaside He is so frustrated, looking at the fish surging in the dark tide between the seams of the reef Hemingway's pleasure surpasses the running train in Florida Just like a boring cigar Just like throwing a spear into the sky Wind hovering down the decaying streets Havana Revolution Square Flutter the smell of fume From every little window could see the Caribbean Ocean And the years broader than the sea Castro is like a myth Buried himself Together with the bonfire he lit And the softness of all the people being tightly chained Only Guevara's canvas bag and the warrior appeared popular once in the world "Che, my son"

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