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Yi Lei


Yi Lei (1951-2018), originally Sun Guizhen, was born in Tianjin, China. She was sent to the countryside in 1969 and started publishing poetry since 1974. She gained nationwide popularity with critical acclaim after she published the poem sequence A Single Woman's Bedroom in late 1980s. She died from a heart attack when travelling in Iceland on July 13, 2018.


Han Wenqiao


Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, translator, theatre producer, extensively travelled in the UK and the US, translation work How to Win Friends & Influence People, etc. currently living in Xi'an as a freelancer.


Mirror Occult

你猜我认识的是谁 她是一个,又是许多个 在各个方向突然出现 又瞬间消失 她目光直视 没有幸福的痕迹 她自言自语,没有声音 她肌肉健美,没有热气 她是立体,又是平面 她给你什么你也无法接受 她不能属于任何人 ——她就是镜子中的我 整个世界除以二 剩下的一个单数 一个自由运动的独立的单子 一个具有创造力的精神实体 ——她就是镜子中的我 我的木框镜子就在床头 它一天做一百次这样的魔术 你不来与我同居


Who is the one I knew, you guess She is one, and many more Abruptly emerge in all directions And then vanish in seconds She stares blankly ahead Without a trace of happiness Her soliloquizing without sound Her brawny beauty without warmth She is 3-D and planar Whatever she offers you cannot receive She can belong to no one She is me, in the mirror A singular left over From a whole world divided by two A free, independent moving monad A creative, spiritual entity She is me, in the mirror My wood-framed mirror sits at the head of my bed Working this kind of magic a hundred times per day But you never come to live with me


Symbol of Dream

我一人占有这四面墙壁 我变成了枯燥的长方形 我做了一个长方形的梦 长方形的天空变成了狮子星座 一会儿头部闪闪发亮 一会儿尾部闪闪发亮 突然它变成一批无缰的野马 向无边的宇宙飞驰而去 套马索无力地转了一圈垂落下来 宇宙漆黑没有道路 每一步有如万丈深渊 自由的灵魂不知去向 也许她在某一天夭折 你不来与我同居


Alone, I possessed these four walls So, I became a dreary oblong So, I dreamt an oblong dream The oblong sky became the constellation Leo Sometimes shining on the head Sometimes on the tail Suddenly, it turned into an unharnessed, fury horse Dashing into the infinite cosmos The lasso wanly falls down The pitch dark cosmos, finding no ways Each step is towards the abyss Even the free soul got lost Perhaps she comes to an untimely end But you never come to live with me

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