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Zang Di

臧棣, 1964年4月生于北京。1983年9月考入北京大学中文系。1997年7月获北京大学文学博士学位。现任教于北京大学中文系,北京大学中国诗歌研究院研究员。曾出版诗集《燕园纪事》(1998),《风吹草动》(2000),《新鲜的荆棘》(2002),《宇宙是扁的》(2008)、《空城计》(2009)、《未名湖》(2010),《慧根丛书》(2011),《小挽歌丛书》(2012),《红叶的速度》(2014),《骑手和豆浆》(2015),《必要的天使》(2015),《就地神游》(2016)等。曾获《南方文坛》杂志“2005年度批评家奖”,“中国当代十大杰出青年诗人”(2005),“1979-2005中国十大先锋诗人”(2006),“中国十大新锐诗歌批评家”(2007),第三届“珠江国际诗歌节大奖”(2007),“当代十大新锐诗人”(2007),“汉语诗歌双年十佳诗人”(2008),首届“长江文艺·完美(中国)文学奖”(2008)第七届“华语文学传媒大奖-2008年度诗人奖”(2009),首届苏曼殊诗歌奖(2010)。2015星星年度诗人奖(2015)。首届鲁能山海天诗歌节大奖(2016)。

Zang Di, born in April 1964 in Beijing, holds a Ph.D. in Literature from Beijing University, where he is currently a professor in the Chinese Department and a Research Fellow at the New Poetry Research Center. He is an editor of New Poetry Criticsim. In 1999-2000 he was a Visiting Scholar at U.C. Davis. In 2000 he received Writer magazine's Poetry Prize. His important collections include Records Of Swallow Garden, Wind Blows The Grass, Fresh Thorns. In 2005 he was named one of China's "Top Ten Young Poets." In 2006 he was named one of China's Top Ten Avant-Garde Poets of 1979-2005. In 2007 he was named one of China Top Ten Rising Poets. He was editor of Selected Poetry From Beijing University. He has published a collection: Beijing University Collections (2005).


Jin Zhong


Jin Zhong, pen name of Jone Guo, born in Harbin, China in 1962. He got his master's degree in English and American literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1989. He lives in southern California.


Introduction To The Study Of Snowpack

雪很厚,厚到你 甚至会同意我们做过的梦中 已经有了最好的答案。 很厚的雪将你圈回到 人类饥饿的核心;但假如你不饿, 雪也可以是最好的玩具。 雪的乳房辽阔而冰冷—— 不论你抚摸到什么,你的脑海 都逃不过一只白蚂蚁的独裁。 还是静静的观摩容易产生 比真理还净白的感觉: 有些人始终呆在雪的上面, 从未令诗的不朽迟疑过半秒种; 有些人则活在雪的下面, 靠咀嚼树根,和你保持密切的联系。


This snow is thick, so thick You are obliged to agree we did see Some best solutions within our dreams. This thick snow encircles, pushing you back To the core of human hunger. Yet if you don't suffer from it, Snow can still be your best sport. Snow's breasts, far and wide, icy to the touch-- Things you have reached wouldn't Set your brain free from the tyranny of a white ant. Silent observation makes it easier To obtain a feeling purer than truth: Some people opt to stay over the snow, they never Hesitate half a second for the immortality of poetry; Some people opt to be snowed under, So as to keep close contact with you by chewing roots.


Introduction To A More Lonesome Solo Than Snow

深山之中,白色的寂静 比任何时候都更像雪的音乐—— 北美的寒风,树枝的摇曳, 短暂的冬季的阳光,都加入过 它的基调。甚至回音的肩膀 也很宽,宽到你和鸽子 可以同时站上去,旁观世界之谜 偶尔也会讨教人生的回味。 要么就是,我早已在我抵达之前 就蛰居在对面;无论我们的 真相如何复杂,单纯的聆听本身 已构成一次彻底的解决。 这样的安排也许并无深意, 甚至有点随便,就好像 你,看不见你的白耳朵, 但是你能看见雪的白耳朵。


Deep in the mountains, white silence Is more like snow's music than any other moment— The chilly wind of North America, the swaying branches, The short sunlight of winter, has all gone Into its keynotes. Even the shoulders of echoes Are wide, so wide you can stand on it Together with some doves. Onlookers of world mysteries May also try to taste their own lives. This leads to the opposite side, where I am hibernating Even before I reach it. No matter how tangled Our nature is, one single listening Can ease all things, completely. This plan is not diligent, It looks casual, like what you are now: Unable to see your own white ears, But able to see the white ears of snow.

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