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Zhang Zhihao


Zhang Zhihao, a contemporary Chinese poet and writer, born in Jingmen, Hubei province in 1965, now lives in Wuhan. He graduated from History Department of Central China Normal University in 1988. He is the executive editor of Chinese Poetry and the author of 5 poetry collections and several novel collections. He has won 'Luxun Literature Award' and many others.


Shu Dandan


Shu Dandan, a contemporary Chinese poet and translator, born in Changde, Hunan Province in 1972, now lives in Guangzhou. Her poems and translations have appeared in various poetry journals and anthologies. Her poetry collections include A Dragonfly Visiting, Oranges In Late Autumn. She is also the translator of several English poetry collections, including Collected Poems of Philip Larkin, Complete Poems of Raymond Carver, and Selected Poems of Paul Muldoon. Her works also include An Album of Paintings and Poems. She is the recipient of numerous national poetry awards and translation awards, including "Poetry Exploration Award", "The Best Poet Award 2016", etc. She has ever been invited to participate in many international poetry festivals including The 3rd Iasi International Poetry Festival in Romania, and was honored with the title of "Poetry Ambassador" by the government of Iasi.


Wild Flowers on the Plateau

我愿意为任何人生养如此众多的小美女 我愿意将我的祖国搬迁到 这里,在这里,我愿意 做一个永不愤世嫉俗的人 像那条来历不明的小溪 我愿意终日涕泪横流,以此表达 我真的愿意 做一个披头散发的老父亲


I would bring up so many pretty little girls for anyone I would relocate my motherland Here, where I would Never be a cynic Like the stream of unknown origin I would shed streams of tears all day long, to express I surely would Be an old father with hair disheveled



我在冬青树上睡了一宿 那年我五岁 被父亲赶上了冬青树 我抱着树干唱了一会儿歌 夜鸟在竹林里振翅 我安静的时候它们也安静了下来 我们都安静的时候 只有月亮在天上奔走 只有妈妈倚着门框在哭


I slept on a holly overnight When I was five Driven by my father onto the holly I hugged the trunk and sang a while Birds flapping in the bamboo grove at night When I calmed down, they calmed down too We were all in silence Only the moon walking in the sky Only mother leaning against the doorframe and weeping

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