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An Qi


An Qi is the penname of Huang Jiang Bin. She was born in 1969 in Zhangzhou, Fujian. She is a member of China Writers' Association and has co-edited The Third Said, and Poetry Collection of the Middle Generation. She is the author of The Running Fence, You Cannot Imitate My Life, The Polar Region, and Notes of Feminist.


Jin Zhong

金重:原名郭钟,1962年生于哈尔滨,1989年毕业于北京外国语大学英语系硕士研究生专业,1991年赴美,居于加州。最近作品:汉译英诗歌集《大篷车,中国当代诗歌》。 金重诗选《雪不在乎,1981-2018》。

Jin Zhong, pen name of Jone Guo, born in Harbin, China in 1962. In 1989, he graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University and got his master's degree in English and American Literature. In 1991, he came to the United States and has been residing in California. Recent works: The Caravan: Contemporary Chinese Poetry, an anthology translated from the Chinese. Snow Does Not Care, a selection of Jin Zhong's Poems from 1981-2018.


Far-Off Place You Can Never Think Of

现在我在故乡已呆一月 朋友们陆续而来 陆续而去。他们安逸 自足,从未有过 我当年的悲哀。那时我年轻 青春激荡,梦想在别处 生活也在别处 现在我还乡,怀揣 人所共知的财富 和辛酸。我对朋友们说 你看你看,一个 出走异乡的人到达过 极地,摸到过太阳也被 它的光芒刺痛


I have been in my hometown for a month Friends come and go They look easy and satisfied They did not experience those sad years That I have had. I was young by then Being young means being turbulent My dreams lie in those far cities So does my life Now I am back home, with some common gains Of life, sweet or bitter I said to my friends You see it? People who choose to leave their hometown Have been to some far-off place you can never think of There, they were able to touch the sun And they were badly hurt

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