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Chen Feng


Chenfeng started to publish his work since 1989. He has published a number of books of poetry, including I Am Your Color, Out of the Time. He has received a number of literary awards.



黎历,神经科学博士,现任教于加拿大蒙特利尔麦吉尔大学医学院。自2010 年开始诗歌翻译,诗歌写作,译作散见美国《诗天空》,澳大利亚《国际汉语文坛》、《当代国际汉诗》等刊物,诗作散见《世纪诗刊》等。自2011 年起,担任爱思英语网专栏作家。现任《当代国际汉诗》英语部编辑主任。

Lily, Ph.D. in Neuroscience, is currently a faculty member of School of Medicine at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Her poems and translations have appeared in a number of journals and online journals. Currently, she serves as the editorial director of the Chinese-English column of Contemporary International Chinese Poetry Bimonthly.


The Wind-Driven Rock

风动的心 就这样 悬在了彼岸 在伊的一方 岁月悠悠 不诉与人的故事悠悠 风动那段石化的情 心 还是从前的那颗心 情还是以往的那段情 风动的日子 石头很轻巧 如悬挂在晚风中的风铃 摇晃着你 如歌的名字 是谁又迎着纯正乡音 一遍又一遍地隔水呼唤 穿海的声音 真大


So the heart of the wind-driven rock Has been hung on the other shore of the sea 'Tis on the shore of your side Year after year The untold stories are lengthy About a petrified love story of the wind-driven rock The heart still the same as it was Love still the love in the past On windy days The stone is very light Just like a windbell hanging in the evening breeze Swaying and chiming your melodious name Who, facing toward the pure native accent Across the sea calls on again and again The sounds piercing through the sea are really amazing

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