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William Marr (Fei Ma)


William Marr has published 23 volumes of poetry (three in English and the rest in his native Chinese language), 3 books of essays and several books of translations. His most recent book is Chicago Serenade, a trilingual (Chinese/English/French) anthology of poems published in Paris in 2015. His poetry has been translated into more than ten languages and included in over one hundred anthologies. He is a former president of the Illinois State Poetry Society and has received numerous awards, including three from Taiwan for his poetry and translations.


William Marr (Fei Ma)


Yellow River

把 一个苦难 两个苦难 百十个苦难 亿万个苦难 一古脑儿倾入 这古老的河 让它浑浊 让它泛滥 让它在午夜与黎明间 辽阔的枕面版图上 改道又改道 改道又改道


Dump into this old river the sufferings of one the sufferings of two the sufferings of hundreds the sufferings of millions Let it swell and flood over the vast territory of the sleepless pillow and change its course a thousand times between midnight and dawn

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