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Gu Pin


Gupin is a native of Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province. He's currently a member of Chinese Poetry Association, Deputy Chairman of Zhoushan Writers Association and editor of Islands. His poems have been published in a number of magazines including Poetry, Youth Literature, Stars and Chinese Poets, etc. He has published four literary books and his poems have appeared in various anthologies.


Qiao Guoyong


Qiao Guoyong, an English teacher at Lishui High School and a guest professor at Lishui University,a member of Zhejiang Writers Association, and now lives in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. His works appeared in a few major Chinese literary journals . He has published bilingual books of poetry, including Silent Home, Light of Buddha, and Sound of Sawing Wood.



秋天就是这样,细碎的阳光 到受伤的花蕊,虚无和现实之间 辨认着爱的背影,而苦难 从不会收敛它的断羽 我们终将在爱情面前衰老 但卑微的爱,生来就会长出嫩芽 像黑夜拥着月亮的情人 内心的弦,总为瞬息的晴雨而躁动 是谁透过树冠 把怀旧的斑点铺在我的脸上 尽管藏在枝头的诗折断生活之锯 而锋刃仍然可穿过你的肉体 像行进列车中突然看见 站台上遗失的那只皮箱 有时寻找,也是一种对生活的敬畏


Autumn is just like this: from the dotted sunlight To the injured petals, between nothingness and reality The shadow of love's being detected, while pain Never going to rest its broken wings We're doomed to age in the face of love While humbled love, born to grow shoots Like the moon's lover embraced by night Its inner strings vibrate with the unpredictable weather Who is it that casts tainted memories Through the treetop onto my face? Though poetry hidden in the tree has broken the saw of life The blade can still cut through your body Just like when you're on a train You suddenly notice the lost suitcase on the platform Seeking, sometimes, is reverence to life.

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