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Hua Yu


Hua Yu, born in Hubei, now living in Beijing, is the contributing host of Chinese Poetry Net. She has joined the 27th “Youth Poetry Meeting”. And she won many awards, such as the 4th Hai Zi Poetry award nomination in 2017, the annual award of poetry of Shandong Poet magazine in 2016 and the most popular poet award of Yanhe in 2015, etc. Besides, she has been elected in 2013 Chinese excellent poetry list.


Han Wenqiao


Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, translator, theatre producer, extensively travelled in the UK and the US, translation work How to Win Friends & Influence People, etc. currently living in Xi'an as a freelancer.


Only Returning to Maju Bridge, to H

只有回到马驹桥 我才是那个死心踏地,爱你的人 只有回到马驹桥 我才能骑上思想的白马 催它过河,在冰冻的北京城东 吃隐忍的青草,流泪,痛哭 安静地踩踏 把热爱的胸针 别在难过的衣襟上 只有回到马驹桥 我才能不受世事烦扰 守着你,油彩中的青灯 在离你最近的地方 涂抹这隔世情缘 抽打,爱的陀螺


Only returning to Maju Bridge Will I be that your devoted beloved Only returning to Maju Bridge Will I can ride the white horse of thought And urge it to cross river, in the cold east of Beijing Eating the grass of silent-enduring and sadly shedding tears Quietly treading on that I pin my favorite brooch On the clothes of sadness Only returning to Maju Bridge Will I can avoid the earthly bother Watching you, the blue lamp of oil painting In the nearest of you I paint the predestined Love of another world And whip the peg-top of love

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