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Jane Kenyon

Jane Kenyon (1947-1995) was an American poet and translator, published four books of poetry and a book of translation of Akhmatova. Her Collected Poems was published in 2005.

简-肯庸(Jane Kenyon, 1947-1995)美国女诗人、翻译家,生前出版过四本诗集以及一本阿赫玛托娃诗选,曾获得美国笔会奖等。2005年《简-肯庸诗歌全集》(Jane Kenyon Collected Poems)出版。


Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua is a bilingual poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and USA. He has been invited to several international poetry festivals and has read his poems in different occasions, and he has been awarded prizes for his poems and translations. Jinghua works as a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.

Peonies at Dusk


White peonies blooming along the porch send out light while the rest of the yard grows dim. Outrageous flowers as big as human heads! They're staggered by their own luxuriance: I had to prop them up with stakes and twine. The moist air intensifies their scent, and the moon moves around the barn to find out what it's coming from. In the darkening June evening I draw a blossom near, and bending close search it as a woman searches a loved one's face.


白牡丹沿着门廊盛开, 放出光, 院子其它地方越来越暗。 花朵怒放,大得像一颗颗 人头!它们的奢丽 令自己打晃:我只得 用小棍和麻线撑住它们。 空气湿润,令香气更浓郁, 而月亮围着谷仓移转, 想找出是什么发出香气。 在这渐沉的六月黄昏, 我拉近一朵花,俯身贴过去 端详,就像一个女人端详 心爱之人的脸庞。

Finding a Long Gray Hair


I scrub the long floorboards in the kitchen, repeating the motions of other women who have lived in this house. And when I find a long gray hair floating in the pail, I feel my life added to theirs.


我在厨房擦着地板的 长木条,重复着 曾经住在这房子里 其他女人的动作。 我发现一根灰白的长发 漂浮在水桶中, 感到我的生命进入了她们。

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