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Liang Ping


Liang Ping, has published ten books of poetry, notably Selected Poems by Liang Ping and Family Tree. His collection of essays is titled under some famous quote by Confucius Uttering over the Riverbank. His poetic reviews include Posture of Reading. He is currently the vice director of Poetry Committee of China's Writers' Association, vice chairman of Sichuan Province Writers' Association, chairman of Chengdu Federation of Arts and Letters, and President of Chinese Poetry Research Institute of Sichuan University.


Jin Zhong

金重:原名郭钟,1962年生于哈尔滨,1989年毕业于北京外国语大学英语系硕士研究生专业,1991年赴美,居于加州。最近作品:汉译英诗歌集《大篷车,中国当代诗歌》。 金重诗选《雪不在乎,1981-2018》。

Jin Zhong, pen name of Jone Guo, born in Harbin, China in 1962. In 1989, he graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University and got his master's degree in English and American Literature. In 1991, he came to the United States and has been residing in California. Recent works: The Caravan: Contemporary Chinese Poetry, an anthology translated from the Chinese. Snow Does Not Care, a selection of Jin Zhong's Poems from 1981-2018。


Farewell By The Train

这世界没有站台肯定好 可以少许多别情 少一些秋风秋雨的景致 夜色遮不住视野 苦绪来临 你的车票指向遥远 一座城在手里摇摇晃晃 另一只手握紧站台,想哭 站台在我的手里捏成另一张票 不能远方 远方不承认站台票的抵达 渴望抵达未可 不愿抵达的又将如期而至 别在站台有点残酷 别后的感伤 无疑,弥漫我的守望


The world would be good if There were no platforms. So many sad farewells Wouldn't occur. So much cold autumn wind and rain Wouldn't be pictured. The nightfall cannot block my sight, Cannot block sorrows from rolling in. Your ticket points afar, A whole city swings in your hand. Yet another hand Holds onto the platform— My heart already weeps. The platform scraped into another ticket In my tightly closed palm. I cannot go afar with you, That faraway place does not admit My platform pass. There, my arrival will be restricted, And here, your departure is on time. Farewell at platform is so cruel, The sadness after this Will fill up all my future days.


Speechless Blossom

一朵花在野地里默默开合 以足够的耐心注视她 或者倒下 让整个身体贴近土壤 不再让陌生 隔出日复一日的愁烦 我选择走开 在花开的时候 一个人站在很远以外 虽然目光无法移去 无法抗拒她的辉煌 虽然获得的只是,严重的内伤


A flower opens and closes In the wilderness With ample diligence I watch it Or lie down— My body adhering to its soil So as to cut away any unfamiliar spaces Which divide time into days of sorrows Then I opt to walk away When the flower is in full bloom Far enough so I can turn back: My eyes couldn't turn aside Couldn't resist its glory Yet the only acquisition Is a severe wound Wrapped up in my body

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