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Li Shaojun


Li Shaojun was born in Hunan Province in November 1967. He graduated from the Department of Journalism of Wuhan University in 1989. His books of poetry include Nature Collection, A Collection of Grassroots, The Small Stop Where Spirits Descend. He was known as a natural poet. He served as editor-in-chief of Tianya magazine and is now editor-in-chief of Poetry Periodical.


Joan Xie

谢炯, 诗名炯, 出生在上海。八十年代就读于上海交通大学管理系,1988年留学美国,取得企业管理硕士和法律博士学位。出版诗集《半世纪的旅途》(2015),散文集《蓦然回首》(2016),中文诗集《幸福是,突然找回这样一些东西》(2018),英文翻译诗集《十三片叶子》(2018)。2017年荣获首届德清莫干山国际诗歌节银奖。中文诗作发表在国内《诗刊》《扬子江诗刊》等文学诗刊。英文诗作和翻译作品发表在美国《诗天空》《唇》,《文学交流》等文学诗刊。

Joan Xie was born in Shanghai where she attended Shanghai Jiaotong University. She came to the United States in 1988 to study business and law. Xie's Chinese poetry and essay collections include Half-Century Journey (2015), Looking Back (2016), Nothing Made Me Happier than Finding These Objects (2018) and she is the editor of Thirteen Leaves (2018). In 2017, she received a Silver award at First Moganshan International Poetry Festival in China. Her poems in Chinese appeared in well-known poetry magazines in China, such as Poetry Journal and The Yangtze River Poetry Journal. Her translations appeared in Exchanges Literature Journal, LIPS and Poetry Sky.

Sam Perkins

Sam Perkins是纽约作家和诗人。 作为常年的杂志编辑和作家,他的非小说性作品已经得到广泛的出版,特别令人注目的是长期在“纽约时报”发表。 他多年来是“读者文摘国际版”的作家兼编辑,也是杂志“巴黎欧洲编辑部”的高级编辑。 他曾在法国,德国和美国就学,毕业于哈佛大学英语系。

Sam Perkins is a writer and poet based in New York City. A longtime magazine editor and writer, Perkins' nonfiction features have been widely published, notably in the New York Times. He was for many years a writer and editor for Reader's Digest International Editions and a Senior Editor in the magazine's European Editorial Office in Paris. Perkins attended school in France, Germany and the United Sates. He graduated with honors in English from Harvard University.


Notes on Jingting Hill

我们所有的努力都抵不上 一阵春风,它催发花香, 催促鸟啼,它使万物开怀, 让爱情发光 我们所有的努力都抵不上 一只飞鸟,晴空一飞冲天, 黄昏必返树巢 我们这些回不去的 浪子,魂归何处 我们所有的努力都抵不上 敬亭山上的一个亭子 它是中心,万千风景汇聚到一点, 人们云一样从四面八方 赶来朝拜 我们所有的努力都抵不上 李白斗酒写下的诗篇 它使我们在此相聚畅饮长啸 忘却了古今之异 消泯于山水之间


All our effort is nothing to a burst of spring wind which urges flowers to bloom, inspires birds to sing, forces all things to open, and makes love shine. All our effort is nothing to a flying bird that soars in the bright sky, returns to its nest at sunset. We are the ones who can't return, strayed souls with no place to go. All our effort is nothing to a pavilion standing in the center of Jingting hill, a converging point of all the views, all the worshippers gathering here like clouds. All our effort is nothing to a Li Bai drunken poem that brings us together to sing and drink, to forget the difference between ancient and modern days, to become lost in mountains and rivers.



这小地方的寂静是骨子里的 河中流淌的春水,巷子里的青石板 篱笆间的藤与草,墙头的一只小鸟 一切,都深深地隐含着寂静 寂静的 还有那个空空的青花瓷瓶 等待着一枝梅或者一朵桃花的插入 寂静的,还有孩子们敲打门窗的声音 ——寂静,是敲打出来的


The tranquility of this small place is in its bone: the spring water runs in the river, flagstones paved along the alley, vines and weeds climb the fence, and a bird hops on the wall. All have tranquility in them. The tranquility is also in that empty blue and white porcelain vase waiting, for a peach flower or a twig of plum blossom. More, the tranquility is in the sound of knocking by children — it's made by knocking on the doors and windows.


Idle Thoughts in Springtime

云给山顶戴了一顶白帽子 小径与藤蔓相互缠绕,牵挂些花花草草 溪水自山崖溅落,又急吼吼地奔淌入海 春风啊,尽做一些无赖的事情 吹得野花香四处飘溢,又让牛羊 和自驾的男男女女们在山间迷失…… 这都只是一些闲意思 青山兀自不动,只管打坐入定


Cloud gifts the mountain a white cap. Trails and vines intertwine, gripped by flowers and weeds. A stream splashes down the cliff, then rushes to the ocean. Spring breeze does all the idle things, blowing wildflowers everywhere, making the cattle, sheep, men and women lose their way in the mountain ... But these are for an idle time. The green mountain sits still, lost in meditation.

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