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Tu Yingxue


Tu Yingxue, penname Bing Meng, member of Fujian Writers Association. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Periodical, Fujian Literature, Youth Tide, Strait Poet, etc. Her poems were also published in The Most Beautiful Chinese Love Poems, Anthology of Best Fujian Poems 2010-2011. Her book of poetry Dream of Ice was published in 2012.


Chen Yixiao


Chen Yixiao, resides in Shanghai, graduated from University of Birmingham in 2013.


Meet the Peach Blossom Pool

在季节的末端 伫立 桃花已经逃离 凋落在斜阳深处 凝眸处 你把厚重的史书 裁成一缕缕的白雾 自千尺潭底升起 将离殇托举 于岁月之上 此时 白鹤鸣曲 垂柳跳着霓裳羽衣舞蹈 云朵从千年以外赶来 探出万重山峦 与岸相握 划一叶瘦瘦的扁舟 青袂翩跹 自青弋江逆流而上 穿过唐朝的墙 打捞诗仙遗落的 墨痕 风起 渡口 把洇湿的梦 倾入万頃碧波 一只蜻蜓 自潭雾里 飞出 扇动了一记翅膀 云的彼端 清冽的泾水 从你的笔锋 淌下 凝成了 一粒青青的桃


At the end of the season The peach blossom has fled Falling deep in the setting sun At a glance You trim the history book into a wisp of rime fog Rising from the bottom of The Thousand Feet Pool On top of the time and tide At this moment White Cranes sing songs The weeping willow dance in their neon-colored and feathered clothes Clouds come from a thousand years ago Getting wind of the love of the myriads of mountains Griping to the shore Row a thin boat, dances trippingly in green dress Upstreaming from the Qingyi River Passing through the walls of the Tang Dynasty Salvage the ink stain left by the Fairy Poet Wind up The ferry pours down the soaked dream into the vast expanse of water A dragonfly Flies off from the fog in the pond Incites a wing The other side of the cloud Clear tributary trickles down from the tip of your pen Congealing into a green peach

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