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Wan Chongshan


Wan Chongshan, originally Gan Zhongguo, was born in Longhai, Fujian Province. He graduated from the Chinese Department of Xiamen University, and is a member of the Fujian Writers Association. He is the author of a book of novels War Fire on the Bean Field and a book of poetry The Minimal. His poems appeared in Selected Poems of Fujian and Selected Poems of Chinese Zen Poetry.


Peng Zhipeng


Peng Zhipeng, Master of Medicine. He is one of the guest editors of The World Poets Quarterly. He has translated and published five books of poetry, including A Poetic Ant.


A Snowflake

作为微尘 我并不需要如此浩荡的铺垫 因 空,是身外的 落,也是身外的 爱你一生 许你一生 更像是一场冷漠而孤高的敷衍 辗转流离于一座又一座陌生的孤岛 撑一竿,是冬天 再撑一竿 离冬天远一点点


As a little dust I don't need such mighty preparation Because Emptiness is out of the body Falling, also out of the body Love you all my life And promise you all my life Like cold carelessness, lonely but lofty Drifting from one strange island after another I pole a boat and it's winter One more pole And a little farther from winter

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