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Philip Whalen

Philip Whalen (1923-2002), a Zen poet, served in Air Force during WWII and met Gary Snyder in Reed College after the War. In 1952 he read of Dr. Suzuki's books on Zen, and from 1966-67 he went to Japan to practice Buddhism. In 1972 he helped to set up the San Francisco Zen Center.

菲利普-韦伦(Philip Whalen, 1923-2002),现代美国真正意义上的禅师诗人,二战时当过空军,后在Reed College遇到斯奈德等人,1952年接触到了铃木大拙谈禅的著作,1966-1967年他在日本京都,日日打坐冥想,写诗。1972年在三藩市修禅中心,从那时起他以Hartford Street修禅中心一山寺(Issan-ji)的住持身份,直到1991年因健康原因隐退。


Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua is a bilingual poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and USA. He has been invited to several international poetry festivals and has read his poems in different occasions, and he has been awarded prizes for his poems and translations. Jinghua works as a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.



Soap cleans itself the way ice does, Both disappear in the process. The questions of Whence & Whiter have no validity here. Mud is a mixture of earth and water Imagine WATER as an Heavenly element Samsara and nirvana are one: Flies in amber, sand in the soap Dirt and red algae in the ice Fare thee well, how very delightful to see you here again!


肥皂清洁自己的方式,像冰一样, 双双皆消失于过程。 问来自何处,问去往何方,在此都无效。 泥巴是土与水的混合 想象水是天界的元素 轮回与涅槃是同一: 琥珀中的苍蝇,肥皂中的沙 冰里的泥与红藻 再会了,在此又遇见你们,多么欢喜!



This bronze Tara this bronze lady Represents that Lady of Heaven I now invoke, That idea of wisdom that saves more than itself or me All the universe, Enlighten us we murder each other in this night our eyes won't tell us anything but fear All the universes , all the probability tracks IMMEDIATELY Her hands form the mudra “Teaching the Law” Explaining herself. She also appears as a song, a diagram, As a pile of metal images in the marked, Kathmandu We seldom treat ourselves right.


这青铜度母这青铜仕女 代表的是我现在呼请的天界圣女, 那智慧之念,救赎的不仅是它自己或者我, 而是整个宇宙, 启悟我们,在这个黑夜我们屠杀彼此,我们的眼睛 告知我们的除了恐惧再也无他 所有的宇宙,所有可能性的轨迹 立竿见影 她的手摆出母捺罗,“传法”的手印 诠释自己。 她还显为一首歌,一张图, 显为加德满都市场上的一摞金属像 我们很少有人能正确自处。

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