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Xiao Xiao


Xiao Xiao is a poet and painter, the editor of The Special Issue of the Qinghai Poetry Festival. In 1993, she edited The Collected Works of the Pre-Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Misty Poets, The Collected Works of the Post-Misty Poets, and The Collected Works of Contemporary Chinese Poetry Criticism. Her poetry collections include The Woman and Poems Under the Tree, and Time Standing on Its Tiptoes, among others. Her long poem, Elegy for Another World has been named by critics as a representative work of Chinese women poets from the 1990s. Her work has been translated into a number of languages. She is a recipient of an Exploring Poetry Award, and Achievements by A Poet in the Third Generation Award, A Wenchuan Outstanding Volunteer Award for assisting with earthquake relief, A Chinese Poetry Theater Award, the Wen Yiduo Poetry Award,etc.


Jami Proctor-Xu

Jami Proctor-Xu is a poet, translator, and mother. Her chapbook of Chinese poems Shimmers was published in 2013 and her full-length Chinese collection Suddenly Starting to Dance was published by Yi Press (2016). Her chapbook of English poems, Hummingbird Ignites a Star, was published in 2014. She was a visiting scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She has read at international poetry festivals in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia and the US, and her poems and translations have appeared in journals and anthologies in the US, China, Bangladesh,and India. She is a recipient of a 2013 Zhejiang Poetry Award.

徐贞敏 ,美国诗人、翻译家、母亲。著有中文诗集《轻轻的闪光》(2013年),英文诗集《蜂鸟点燃了一颗星星》(2014年),中文诗集《突然起舞》(2016年,翼)。她当过社科院文学所的访问学者,也参加过中国,印度,越南,孟加拉,哥伦比亚和美国的国际诗歌节。她的诗歌和她翻译作品发表在美国、中国、印度和孟加拉。2013年获得珠江诗歌节旅华诗歌奖。


Even More Grief-filled than Grief
——For Bandari

莱茵河流过傍晚的我 波影在皮肤上跳跃 那个卡在精神裂缝中的我 逐渐成为高空与远方 音乐,是一种帝王的折磨 比忧伤更忧伤 我撤掉了返回的梯子 我把头歪在冬天的暖气上 过去的岁月有一股斜光 威压在心底 而忧伤——这个管不住的孩子 攥紧灵魂的拇指不肯松手 我给你的诗歌—— 被涂改,在磨难的纸上 谎言的橡皮蹲在那里 语言的尘埃 用商的重量坠落 冲着镀金的伤痕微笑


The Rhine River flows past me in the evening Reflections of ripples leap on my skin The me stuck in a mental crack gradually becomes higher and more distant Music torments like a monarch Even more grief-filled than grief I've removed the return ladder I tilt my head on the winter heater Slanted light from the past presses strongly on the bottom of my heart And grief—this uncontrollable child— grabs hold of my soul's thumb and won't let go The poems I gave you have been altered on tribulations' paper Lies' eraser crouches there Language's dust A quotient sinks and smiles at the gilded scar


Tragic Role

不能回头,即使双腿麻木 挪不动脚跟,不是胆怯、怀旧 我被有毒的心刺痛、背弃 树杈悬在血液中摇晃 深秋开始霸道起来 冬天提前,动弹几下身体,它就早泄 踩着冰渣,身体像棉花 我扯着十月隐忍着,骨节发凉 气候裹紧心窝,慈悲裹住我 让风拔掉一根根脱水的刺 把窘迫、委屈嚼碎,烂在心头 宽恕阳光,招摇了别处 做好一个悲剧时代的小角色 这个时候,眼泪是药水 一滴一滴闪光,疗伤


I can't look back, even though my legs are numb I can't move my heels, not out of cowardice or nostalgia I'm pricked and abandoned by poisonous hearts The tree fork sways with blood Deep autumn becomes despotic Winter comes early, stirring the body, ejaculating early Sleeping on ice dregs, the body like cotton I'm tearing at October, silently enduring, my joints cold The atmosphere is bound tightly around my chest Mercy envelops me Let the wind pluck out each thorn that dehydrates me Chew up embarrassment and grievances, rotting in the mind Forgive sunlight, flaunting itself elsewhere Play well a minor role in a tragic era Now, tears are medicine shimmering drop by drop, and healing

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