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Chen He


Chen He is the pen name of He Xingsong. Born in December 1967 in Qianjiang, Hubei, he is currently the Director of Changjiang Poetry Publishing Center. Chen He has published several collections of poetry and essay, including Jade, Between the Fine Grasses, and his works were included in many anthologies.


Joan Xie

谢炯, 诗名炯, 出生在上海。八十年代就读于上海交通大学管理系,1988年留学美国,取得企业管理硕士和法律博士学位。出版诗集《半世纪的旅途》(2015),散文集《蓦然回首》(2016),中文诗集《幸福是,突然找回这样一些东西》(2018),英文翻译诗集《十三片叶子》(2018)。2017年荣获首届德清莫干山国际诗歌节银奖。中文诗作发表在国内《诗刊》《扬子江诗刊》等文学诗刊。英文诗作和翻译作品发表在美国《诗天空》《唇》,《文学交流》等文学诗刊。

Joan Xie was born in Shanghai where she attended Shanghai Jiaotong University. She came to the United States in 1988 to study business and law. Xie's Chinese poetry and essay collections include Half-Century Journey (2015), Looking Back (2016), Nothing Made Me Happier than Finding These Objects (2018) and she is the editor of Thirteen Leaves (2018). In 2017, she received a Silver award at First Moganshan International Poetry Festival in China. Her poems in Chinese appeared in well-known poetry magazines in China, such as Poetry Journal and The Yangtze River Poetry Journal. Her translations appeared in Exchanges Literature Journal, LIPS and Poetry Sky.


Winter Solstice Poem

水从高山上一路流下 越来越温暖地进入大海 雪从空中轻缓缓飘落人间 那么巨大的美也不声张 树叶悄悄地改变了颜色 老去的面容有着恒久的尊严 小草永远繁忙地生长 谁也不知道其中的秘密 神,让自己钉在十字架上 低垂的头颅仿佛对我说 他物皆如此谦卑而尊贵 请欢喜地对待那一切的谦卑


Water, flows from the high plateau, warming into the ocean. Snow, drifts from the sky, silencing with its great beauty. Leaves, quietly changed, the sincerity and the immortality acquired by aging. Grass, busy with its growth, no one knows its secrets. God, let himself to be nailed to the cross, head bowed as if to say that his creation is humble and divine, that please find the joy in all those humbled.



父亲今日露出了少见的笑容 他指着小区绿化带里一棵 枇杷树苗说:这是我种活的 前年,他在楼栋门前扦插了 一棵栀子花树,也是这么开心 不止一次要对我强调 这是我种活的 做了一辈子农活的父亲进城后 让他最为羞涩的事是 每每我们吃完一个瓜果 他都要把那些瓜果的种子 藏起来。但他确实找不到一块地 种下它们。每次出门转悠 他像做贼一样,把那些种子 丢弃在绿化带里。老天保佑 现在绿化带里常常冒出一些 野生的树苗和农作物 最为幸运的是有一年夏天 小区一块较为荒凉的地上 结上了几个西瓜 父亲并不占有它们 他在小区不停巡视,像一个 最为志得意满的父亲


Today my father has a rare smile. He points to a young lychee tree in the community, says, “This was planted by me.” A year ago, at the gate of our building, he planted a gardenia tree, cheerfully, and more than once, he told me that HE planted it. Being a lifetime farmer, after moving into the city, the most embarrassing moment for my father is to collect melon seeds but has no field to plant them. Every day, he sneaked out like a thief and dropped the seeds secretly in the common garden. God knows how it was growingin the wildness. One lucky summer, a few watermelons popped upfrom the desolate field. Instead of picking them, My father patrolled the community endlessly like a proud and satisfied father.

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