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Che Yangao


Che Yangao is a civil servant who earned his PhD in economics from Wuhan University. He is a member of Chinese Writers Association and Hubei Writers Association, whose poetry, essays, prose, reportages published in various journals. He won Annual Excellent Poetry Award by journal October in 2006, Annual Excellent Poets Award by Poetry Monthly in 2007,Top 10 Poets of the Year Award by Poetry Selected and Annual Excellent Poets Award by Poetry Periodical in 2008 and 5th Lu Xun Literature Prize for Poetry in 2010. He is also the author of four books of poetry, including Time is the State, Wake the Dawn, Yearning Warmth, Selected Poems of Che Yangao and a book of essays Li Bai in a Drunk Glance.


Che Wenchi


Wenchi Che, daughter of Yangao Che, was born in 1985 in Hubei Province,China. She has moved to Australia for studying at the age of seventeen. After finishing her science degree at the Melbourne University, she has undertaken respiratory research at Sydney University for 3 years. She is currently studying postgraduate medicine and surgery at the Australian National University.


Western Maid

风哼着小调 春天用露水抹了一把脸 直接从一根柳条上走下来 酒幌一摇,胡姬从店里出来 她美,鬓边别着大青山上一片云彩 李白坐下的青骢马不走了 压酒劝客时候 她走出一行红柳的模样 眼睛灿烂。有十万亩桃花在开 李白坐在那里 今天,他一滴酒没喝 已经醉了


The wind hummed a little tune Spring freshened her face with dew she walked off a willow tree branch with the bar banner lifted up, there came out the western maid the luscious pretty girl had hair like mountain clouds Poet Li Bai's horse stunned by her beauty proposing toast to the guests she swung like gentle red willow her eyes gleamed like 100 thousand hectares of blooming peach blossom. poet Li Bai sat there without a sip of wine he was intoxicated by the beauty


A Lotus Petal

我来的时候一朵荷花没开 我走的时候所有的荷花都开败了 像一个白昼轮回了生死 睁开大彻大悟的眼睛 一只是太阳,一只是月亮 脚下的路黑白分明 命运小心翼翼的走 起伏的浪花忽高忽低,揣摸不透 只有水滴单纯,证明着我的渺小 有时,我已穷极一生 只能采下一瓣荷花 而一夜湖风,用一支笛子 吹老了整个洪湖


the lotus had not blossomed when I came the fluorescence was over when I was gone like going through life and death eyes wide opened with deep comprehension one eye for the sun, one eye for the moon the journey was black and white life took a careful path the unpredictable tide went up and down my smallness reflected upon the simple and pure water drops sometime I spent my entire life harvesting a lotus petal the lake breeze blew a flute and wrinkled the face of the Grand lake

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