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Gu Yue


Gu Yue (originally Hu Yuheng) is a Taiwan poetess who was born in Hengshan County, Hunan in China. She was an editor Vineyard Poetry in Taiwan, currently she works with Epoch Poetry Quarterly. She has published several poetry collections: The One Who Chases the Sun, Moon Festival, My Love and a collection of essays Seducer, etc. Her poems were included in The Mood of Narcissus and Poetry by Thirty Taiwan Poetesses. Her new collections: Lunar: Discovering 91 Reasons for Loving Poetry and Illusory Life are a combination of poetry and paintings.


Edna Wu

武庆云是《云雨情:中国到美国回忆录》、《伊甸园里俩夏娃, 男妈妈》和《单一鸟》的作者。她的主要学术与翻译著作有:《中英乌托邦文学中的女权统治》(1996年《选择》杂志杰出学术著作)、《繁华梦:王筠传奇》《第三只眼》、《远方有个女儿国》等。她是加州州立大学中文教授。

Edna Wu is the author of Clouds & Rain: A China-to-America Memoir, Two Eves in the Garden of Eden & A Male Mother, and A Single-Winged Bird. Her major academic and translation publications include Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias (A 1996 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book), A Dream of Glory: A Chuanqi Play by Wang Yun, a novel about the Chinese People's Liberation Army: The Third Eye, and The Remote Country of Women. She is professor of Chinese at California State University, Los Angeles.


Waiting for Snow

在虚幻的想像 等待雪来 仰首天空有雪花飘落 梦中催生的雪 是带着翅羽的精灵 能抚慰受创的心 等待一场沁冷的雪来 覆盖我淨化我 唤雪雪不来 我的心已开始下雪 曾经在旷远的天边 雪不停的下着 阒寂悲壮之姿 来自北方的汉子啊 那是你有泪不轻弹的叹息 茫茫雪雾中一棵白桦树 瀰漫着思乡的孤寂 纷飞的雪花是湿漉漉的记忆 在异域流淌出一条回家的路 今夕南方没雪 雪已悄然落在我的发茨 落在梦中心里 窗外一棵苦楝树 在冷冽的风雨中伫立


In an illusion I wait for snow Looking up to the sky, snowflakes fall In a dream the driving snow bears a spirit with wings that soothes my injured heart I wait for the cold snow to cover me, to purify me I call for the snow, but it does not come my heart has begun to snow. Once in the vast and distant sky snow kept falling with a gesture of silence and grief A man from the north, sighs without tears In the snow fog a birch tree is filled with longing The lonely snowflakes are wet memories In a foreign land a road flows back home Today, there is no snow in the south Snow quietly falls in my hair Outside the window, a chinaberry tree in the cold wind and rain stands still

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