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Ha Lei


Ha Lei is a member of Chinese Writers Association. He is the editor-in-chief of Strait Poets, Life-Creation and Southeast Express News. He is the author of ten books and has received many literary awards. He lives in Fuzhou, China and Auckland, New Zealand.


Mario Li

Mario Li is an American Chinese, with interests in poetry, photography, arts, gaming, history and the future, residing in Nevada, USA.




我搬得动一块巨石 却搬不动一个词 如托举不住的夕阳 在黄昏到来 沉入湖底 但我会赞叹一声 让我吐出豪情 洇红一片天 壮美一道山梁 岁月无息地远去了 我也老了 在又荒又长的芦苇深处 八月,竟然有点孤单 我搬得动自己 却搬不动跟随的影子 而我走在秋色之前 跟每一片叶诉说 比风更远,比诗句 更为苍茫


I can move a boulder, but I cannot move a word, as the sunset cannot be held, when the dusk comes, from sinking into the lake. But I would gasp my admiration, the true sentiments spitting out. It blushed a sky, and made some mountain ridge magnificent. Without a trace, years have been gone by, and I am getting old too. In the deep desolations of tall reeds, the August is actually getting a little lonely. I can move myself, but I can't move the shadow behind me. And now, as I'm walking before the autumn, and talking to each leaf, it's farther than the wind, and vaster than the poetry.

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