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Yuan Liang


Yuan Liang was born in Chongqing, China. He moved to Shanghai with his parents while he attended elementary school. He graduated from Fudan University and holds graduate degrees from two American universities. He is a member of PoetrySky Poets Association and he has published a book of poetry Beneath the Wall of April (2009), Homesick of Time (2010), The Primitive Corner (2011), The Silent Color (2012), Arriving Season (2013), and Sun Wheel (2014). He lives in Southern California.


Yuan Liang


Blue Glasses

你偏爱蓝色 日子便成了蓝色的 就像戴着一副蓝眼镜 你的世界躺卧在镜片中 线条明快,安详,自如 外部的每一个物体移动 内部的每一种感觉变化 你都能在蓝色中找到解释 知道这与别人的世界不同 连上床就寝也不愿把眼镜摘下来 为了让蓝色世界固守梦中 于是你的嘴里有了蓝调 你的脸上长出蓝色的眼睛 你将某个中意的味道命名为蓝色 你走在阴影中,或者足不出户 渐渐你的皮肤也变成蓝色 一旦把蓝眼镜摘下来 你的世界和时间就彻底改变 一切都变得杂乱无序 大地燃烧着熊熊火焰 天空的玻璃随时会破碎 落下来把你砸伤


You favor blue Your days become blue As if wearing a pair of blue glasses Your world lies down in the lens Lines are bright, serene, and smooth For each movement of an external object For each change of an inward feeling You can find interpretations in blue Knowing this world is different from others’ Unwilling to remove your glasses at bedtime Clinging to the dream of a blue world So the Blues come out of your mouth Eyes turn blue in your head You name your favorite taste blue You wander around in shadows, or keep indoors Till gradually your skin turns blue If you removed the blue glasses Your world and time would completely change Everything would be thrown into chaos The earth would be engulfed in flame The ceiling of heaven of sky would crash Crushing you beneath it


被一个词打开身体 泪水为一个词而流 一个词是一粒种子 你不能确定 它会开出一朵花 还是长成一片荆棘 沿着血脉奔涌 词就化成血 在黯淡的阴影里睡眠 词就变成梦 心路纵横千万条 词走在路上 寻找安歇的温床 一个词追求另一个词 互相谈判,修改,润色 组合成语,俗语,或者隐喻 哪怕千分之一的意义 也能汇成萤火虫那样的光 在你的田野飞来飞去 在一个词中迷失 在另一个词中清醒 你在精心选择一个词 一个词也在苦苦选择你 一个词在你的脚步里 催促你,或是阻挡你 也许要等到生命的最后一刻 你才真正理解这个词的含义


The body is opened up by a word stung by a word Tears are running for a word A word is a seed You never know for sure if it can bloom into a flower or develop into a thorn Flushing along blood vessels the word becomes blood Sleeping in bleak shadow the word becomes dream Thousands of roads spread across over heart The word is on the way looking for a resting hotbed One word seeks for another word Negotiating and embellishing with each other and assembling idiom, vulgarism, or metaphor Even a thousandth meaning can collect the light like a firefly flying around in your field Wandering in a word but clear-headed in another You carefully select a word and the word selects you as well A word in your footsteps hastening you or blocking you Maybe you have to wait to the end of life when you really understand the meaning of this word

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