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Na Ren Qi Qi Ge


Na Ren Qi Qi Ge (1971-) is the penname of Xi Kuifang. She is a Mongolian female poet. She was born in Inner Mongolia, grew up in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province and now lives in Beijing. She is a member of the Chinese Writers Association and the chief editor of the Women's Poetry Series Poetry Appreciation. She has published poetry collection On the scales of time and Folding time folds. She has won the Bingxin Children's Literature Award, the Liaoning Literature Award, and the Modern Youth 2015 Best Poet Award.


Huang Hua


Huang Hua (1974-) is an associate professor of Capital Normal University. She got her PhD. from Renmin University in 2003. She is a visiting scholar in the University of Pittsburgh and engaging in research of modern Chinese literature and translation of modern Chinese poetry.


Inner Spirit

我依然要开出美好的花朵 柔软 清澈 汁液鲜润 温情饱满 是生命使然 简单的绽放 必须经过逼仄的冷寒 利欲布施的阴霾浓重 泼出来的寒凉 黑加深了黑 天空一低再低 挤压的迫切 灰与暗 扭曲 狂妄 那些小 被我逐一看清 迎着风站稳 微笑着倾听肆虐 冷漠的围困 硬过坚冰 我依然是微笑的 取出锋刃 人怎可无傲骨 劈下去 混沌轰然倒塌 这开裂 使白更白 黑更黑 阴暗无法躲藏


I still want to open beautiful flowers, soft, clear Fresh juice, warm and full of life, dictates Simple bloom must pass through the narrow cold The dense haze of desire spilled cold Black deepened black, sky descended, urgent pressing Gray and dark, distorted, arrogant, I see those little ones one by one Stand firm against the wind, smile and listen to the rage, the indifferent siege Harder than ice, I am still smiling, drawing a blade How can people live without spirit? Chaos crashes, collapses, the crack Make white whiter, black blacker, darkness cannot hide

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