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Ni Weili


Ni Weili, born in 1980's in Putian, Fujian Province. He is a newspaper editor and has published six books, including Green Scars of Youth, Stone Wedding and Light of Secular World. And he is the editor-in-chief of several anthologies, including Literature and Art, Chinese Misty Poems, Chinese Misty Poems 2017, Fujian Poetry Collection, Chinese Misty Poems 2018.


Mario Li

Mario Li is an American Chinese, with interests in poetry, photography, arts, gaming, history and the future, residing in Nevada, USA.



I Want to Get Rid of That Sadness

它们像一块块巨大的石头 它们是一个个庞然大物 它们堆叠着,也许会慢慢堆成一座大山 它们是一张张废弃的脸谱 它们在黑夜的镜子前,张大毛孔 有时,它们披头散发,自己吓退了自己 它们是一个个被命名了的零件 它们习惯在夜里,仰望星空。有时 它们会在精神的居室里起火,让人方寸大乱 它们有时会在我的面前,放声大哭 我多么想搬走它们,像天空搬走乌云 像大海搬走风暴,以获得更多的蔚蓝和安寂


They are like huge rocks. They are giants. They pile up, and slowly might pile into a big mountain. They are discarded masks. At night, their pores open up in front of mirror. And sometimes, they scare themselves by their own messy hairs. They are parts each being named. They used to look up at sky in the night, and sometimes Their psyches catch fire and make me loss my minds. They sometimes cry aloud in front of me. I really want to get rid of them, dispersing dark clouds from sky and Shutting down storms on ocean, just to get more peace and quiet.

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