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Wu Mingchun


Wu Mingchun, male, Ph.D., born in 1976, is a Full Professor of Fujian Normal University, and is concurrently the Vice Chairman of Fujian Literary and Art Critics Association as well as the Deputy Director of Fujian Aesthetics Society, etc. His major works include the poems collections The Concealed Daffodils and The Accent of Internet, and academic monographs The Research on the Legitimacy of Chinese Early New Poetry, Meditations on Modern Chinese Poetry and so on.


Lan Ruo


Aranya Dong was an English teacher in China and now teaches Mandarin in Utah, US.



父亲 让我们坐下来谈谈水仙 家中这两个匆匆的过客 它们被一再推迟的花期 究竟因为什么。冷空气 不可能是唯一的理由 有多少水仙正在开放和凋谢 而我们的两盆水仙 仍在相互期待 彼此观望 像一对久违后重逢的老友 见面时说不出一句话来 多么希望它们永不开花 高举花苞 保持青绿 就如我们之间的情义 无需太多的语言道破 就让秘密在秘密中汇合


Father, let's be seated talking about the daffodils, The hasty passers-by in our house: Why their bloom is delayed day after day, The coldness should not be the only case. So many daffodils are blooming then withering, But ours are still looking and waiting, Like two old friends after a long parting, Without any word, at each other, just long gazing. How I wish they will never have flowers, Just raise their buds high, and the greenness ever-lasting. Like the unspoken feeling between you and me, We don't need to say too much, Secrets will meet secrets in silence.

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