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Edna Wu

武庆云是《云雨情:中国到美国回忆录》、《伊甸园里俩夏娃, 男妈妈》和《单一鸟》的作者。她的主要学术与翻译著作有:《中英乌托邦文学中的女权统治》(1996年《选择》杂志杰出学术著作)、《繁华梦:王筠传奇》《第三只眼》、《远方有个女儿国》等。她是加州州立大学中文教授。

Edna Wu is the author of Clouds & Rain: A China-to-America Memoir, Two Eves in the Garden of Eden & A Male Mother, and A Single-Winged Bird. Her major academic and translation publications include Female Rule in Chinese and English Literary Utopias (A 1996 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book), A Dream of Glory: A Chuanqi Play by Wang Yun, a novel about the Chinese People's Liberation Army: The Third Eye, and The Remote Country of Women. She is professor of Chinese at California State University, Los Angeles.


Edna Wu


Dead Line

在前面 似乎有 一条死线 我知道它不会是死的 只是我视野的局限 我想为 自己的忧郁 定下一个死期 以此证明我 超越永恒的 能力 孤独楼上 我爬得越高 天际就离我越远 我想把它钉死在那儿 唯一只有停留在这儿 我追求的 天际 只不过是 一种 眼疾


In front there seems to be a dead line Though I know it can't be dead only the limit of my vision I wish to fix a dead-line to my melancholy to prove my power over eternity The higher I climb in this lonely tower the farther horizons retreat I wish to nail it dead there the only way is to linger here The horizon I pursue is merely a visual disorder

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