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Xin Mu


Xin Mu (1943- ) was born in Yi-Lan County, Taiwan. He has won the national outstanding Young Poets Award in Taiwan, the poetry creation award of the Chinese Writer's & Artist's Association, and the first award of the new poetry competition of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit system and 2015 World Poets Conference Poet Laureate. He has published several poetry collections: Feathers Scattered, Selected Poems by Xin Mu, Xin Mu's Short Poems (Chinese and English) and Asking Fish. He is the Chief Editor of the Epoch Poetry Quarterly.


Anna Yin

星子安娜是加拿大密西沙加市首任桂冠诗人,已出版六本诗集,英文诗荣获2005 年安省的TedPlantos纪念奖,2010/2014 MARTRY文学奖以及2016/2017年获西切斯特大学诗歌大会奖学金和安省艺术协会奖金。她的诗歌在Arc Poetry、《中国日报》、《世界日报》和CBC电台发表。她也在学校教授诗歌。

Anna Yin was Mississauga's Inaugural Poet Laureate and has authored six books of poetry, including Wings toward Sunlight and Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac. Anna won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, two MARTY Awards etc. Her poems appeared in Arc Poetry, China Daily, World Journal and CBC Radio. She teaches Poetry Alive at schools in Canada.


From Double-Link to Fresh-Water by the Rapid Transit

车子进站的时候 阳光便争相来卡位 世界被压缩成 相扣的铁罐 稍纵即逝的景色 双连相连的车厢 却有不相连的旅程 从起站到终站 多少脸色与眼色交叉而过 前面就是石牌了 牌上究竟镌刻着些什么呢 是我踌躇 未酬的壮志吗 再下去就是 我挂满笔杆的红树林 那些曾是 我临过帖写过诗的 如今都交付大海了 到了淡水 竟是终站 太阳已更偏西 我的身影竟抢先去戏水了 淡水不淡 我的愁绪却是越晚越咸 咸到黑发都变灰 变白了 2000-06内湖 2001年台北市捷运公车征文新诗首奖


When the train enters a station the sunlight rushes to jockey for position The world is compressed into interlocked tin-cans' fleeting sight Although cars are connected from Double-link they in fact have separated journeys From a starting point to the end station How many faces and eyes have met then passed by Ahead it is Stone Plate station. What exactly has been engraved on the plate? Are they my hesitant unfulfilled ambitions? Continuing again it is the mangrove forest where I hung up penholders, full of them, it used to be The calligraphy and poetry I copied and created now have all been handed over to oceans. When arriving at Fresh-water, unexpectedly it is the terminal. The sun clings more to the west My figure is the first rushing to play with water. Fresh-water is not fresh yet my sorrow becomes salty, and saltier until my black hair turns gray turns white Note: this poem in Chinese won first place for 2001 Poetry Contest for The Rapid Transit in Taipei Official station name Shuanglian, here translated as Double-link for its meaning Official station name Tamsui, here translated as Fresh-water for its meaning.

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