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Dejin Xu


Dejin Xu, poet and journalist. He was a doyen journalist of China News Agency to work in the United States. He is now the director of Fujian Branch of China News Agency.


Zhang Xiaoxian


Born in June 1988, graduated from the Department of Music Management at Northumbria University in UK, 2011. Studied in Singapore and the UK for more than 8 years, with a master degree.Participated in a numberous of academic performances and Interviewed many European rock artists. Now living in Hong Kong, engaged in financial and entertainment promotion industry.


Flying Fish

儿子,爸爸在遥远的天空飞翔 没有翅膀,没有羽毛 爸爸是一条淡水鱼 ——像你见过的那种 但遥远的天空都被海水淹没了 有时候,爸爸用双手拍打水面 呼或者吸 其实,爸爸不会飞翔 他是一条淡水鱼 ——像你见过的那种 爸爸怎么会飞呢 那是在你的梦里 儿子,爸爸学习用嘴巴呼吸 他还要学会 在海水中游泳的姿势 ——可是,爸爸是一条淡水鱼 像你见过的那种 爸爸要是一条咸水鱼 就好了——既可以转身,又能够歌唱 和那些白的鱼,黑的鱼 一样 他就出生在海里 但是, 在你的梦里,儿子 爸爸肯定会飞的 那些水——是淡水,还是海水 都被爸爸一跃而出


Son, Daddy is flying in the high sky With no wings, no feathers Daddy is a freshwater fish, just like the kind you’ve seen But the distant sky has been flooded by the sea-water Sometimes, Dad tries to hit the water with his hands Breathing in, or out In fact, Daddy cannot fly He is a freshwater fish, just like the kind you’ve seen How could Daddy fly? That is only in your dreams Son, Daddy is learning to breath with his mouth He also wants to learn to swim in the sea Daddy is a freshwater fish, just like the kind you’ve seen What if Dad were a seawater fish? It would do just fine; to turn around or be able to sing Same as the white fish or the black ones, Being born in the seawater But, in your dreams, Son Daddy for sure will fly The water, freshwater or seawater, Daddy has leapt out of

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