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Yi Lei


Yi Lei (1951-2018), originally Sun Guizhen, was born in Tianjin, China. She was sent to the countryside in 1969 and started publishing poetry since 1974. She gained nationwide popularity with critical acclaim after she published the poem sequence A Single Woman's Bedroom in late 1980s. She died from a heart attack when travelling in Iceland on July 13, 2018.


Jinghua Fan


Fan Jinghua is a bilingual poet and translator. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and USA. He has been invited to several international poetry festivals and has read his poems in different occasions, and he has been awarded prizes for his poems and translations. Jinghua works as a university lecturer and lives in Singapore.


Missing My Mother

——妈妈,我愿倾其所有 换取你一刻生命 一 当群山落尽繁华 野兽们无家可归 妈妈,戴着你的王冠来吧 住在我的嘴唇上 二 你是南风住进我的身体 你轻轻的笑 骨肉荒原就开满野花 妈妈,我与你飞翔,无牵无挂 三 想你时阳光很结实 撞疼面庞 玉米地和红葡萄叫着你的小名 妈妈,你在66年的长街上来来往往 四 我的手像瞎眼的小鸟 在空虚中打捞你的气息 妈妈,你化作大雨倾盆吧 就赤着脚,走进白衣庵胡同里 五 我的四肢空无一物 梦也无处站立 你带走了那颗剥开的果实 妈妈,我已把儿时的圆桌擦干 六 你用时间编织图形 你把时间分成两千种颜色 妈妈,苦难也被你分成千丝万缕 炊烟在你手中光芒四射 七 思念,这疼痛的岩浆 我要送你到印度洋 我要把你种进100个国家的土壤 妈妈,看见雨水就看见了你的模样 八 逃出故乡,我和我的诗 被繁星一饮而尽 妈妈,我与你同住在光里 把来生洞穿 九 一千只鸟衔来露水 织女和嫦娥是露水的伴娘 露水清洗妈妈 妈妈清洗地球   2012.春节于北京通州宋庄


-- Mama, I'd give away all I have To exchange for a moment of your life I When mountains no longer hold their extravagance Beasts are deprived of habitats Come, Mom, wearing your crown Come live on my lips II You are a south wind taking root in my body, Your gentle smile Spreads the wilderness of bones and flesh with wild flowers. Mom, I fly with you, no holding back. III When I miss you, the sunlight is so stout That my face aches with its strike, Cornfields and carrot lots call out your maiden name Mom, along the street of 1966, you go back and forth IV My hands are a blind bird Trying to reclaim your air from nothing Mom, will you turn into a heavy shower And drift barefooted into the White Nunnery Alley V My limbs can hold nothing Dreams have no footing You carry with you the peeled fruit Mom, I have swept dry the table of childhood VI You wove patterns with time You divided time into two thousand colors Mom, you also divided suffering into thousands of locks Cooking smoke flares in your hand VII Missing you is a lava of pain I will see you off to the Indian Ocean I will plant you into the earth of a hundred countries So, Mom, I see you whenever I see a rain VIII After running away from hometown, I am gulped down By stars, and so is my poetry Mom, I will live in light with you Let's live out our next life IX A thousand birds brings dewdrops in their beaks The Weaver Girl and the Moon Goddess are the bridesmaid to the dew That washes my mother Who washes the Earth   Chinese New Year, 2012, Beijing

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