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Yun He


Yun He, in real life James T.C. Na, was born and educated in the Philippines.  At 17 he published his debut collection of verses Melancholic Score, which in conjunction with subsequent publication of various collections, namely Springtime in Autumn, The Rainbow Snatcher, and The Blue Dust, concurrently enriched the Poet’s creative course in the Sixties.  Exploring techniques ranging from lyricism, to aestheticism, to contemporary, he was impressive with his ever dynamic style.  Circumstances caused him to pause for 15 years, and when he launched out anew, he managed to shake off the older style and depict the poignant aspects of life with a sophisticated set of skill in his then articles.  In the Eighties he put up two more collections of verses, Wild Plant and In the Light of Poetry and Photography.


Yun He



如果必须写一首诗 就写乡愁 且不要忘记 用羊毫大京水 用墨,研得浓浓的 因为 写不成诗时 也好举笔一挥 用比墨色浓的乡愁 写一个字—— 家


If a poem must be written let’s write about nostalgia and let’s not forget to use Beijing wool brush use ink-stick, ground in thick solution just so if the poem couldn’t be done the brush might be swung with nostalgia thicker than ink to write a word-- Home


容纳了一海潮音 我的瓶,静默如一塑像 盲瞳里刻上万顷烟波 柔和但不可逼视 真实却无以触摸 饰你以海的辽阔与深邃,以 波光的闪烁与浪涛的起伏 透过你,我的瓶 让我观看,你如何把宇宙 浓缩、翻转、且倒置阴阳 泳於你腹中的冰澈 我已迷糊,是泉?是酒? 是不甘不烈的非泉非酒? 当千航慈渡,钟声 绕千岩万壑南来 不沾唇,但我已醉 已解缆远去……


Containing a sea of tidal gurgle my flask, remains reticent like a sculpture acres of billow etched on its blind pupils soft yet vain to close-up stares real but null to sensory strokes Let’s adorn you with the sea’s breadth and depth, with tidal glow’s luster and the wave’s undulation right through you then, my flask let me descry, how do you render the universe condensed, overturned, and placed upside down Submerged in the frosty clearness of your abdomen I am all stupefied. Is it the spring? Is it the wine? Or a non-spring none-wine neither luscious nor potent? And when all sails journey, and the toll of bells comes south around the rocks and ravines without even a sip, still I would have been drunk have the hawser undone and gone far off...


The Empty Canoe

何其庞大的空寂 隔开了尘嚣与繁华 在你眼前扩张、伸展 让你整体投入了 如此纯净的孤绝中 如此纯净 沙粒、泡沫、滩与不羁的浪花 潮汐连接潮汐、记忆追逐记忆 远与近的坚持、新与旧的和合 时与空之距离间 你修长的立姿恒在 你修长的立姿恒在 云迷离、风隐失 涛声骤止,瞑色蓦临 浅搁在滩上,你是 那翻转了的空舟 等待再次沉没


What an enormous inane is it isolating the hullaballo and he boom stretching, extending before your eyes dropping your entirety into such a solitude of crystal purity Such crystal purity the pebbles, foams, beach and surging wave tide following tide, memory chasing memory far and near persisted, new and old allied distance between time and space and you erect form eternal and your erect form being eternal the cloud vague, wind subsided tidal roar stopped short, dusk fallen quick stranded on the beach, you are that capsized empty canoe waiting for the next submersion

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