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Yu Xiaozhong

余笑忠,1965年1月生于湖北蕲春农家。1982年考入北京广播学院文艺编辑系。1986年起供职于湖北电台。曾获《星星诗刊》、《诗歌月刊》联合评选的“2003 中国年度诗歌奖”、2005-2006年度“后天诗歌奖”、第三届“扬子江诗学奖?诗歌奖”、第十二届“十月文学奖?诗歌奖”、第五届“西部文学奖?诗歌奖”。

Yu Xiaozhong (1965-) was born in the rural area of Qichun county in eastern Hubei. He graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1986 and has worked for Hubei Radio Station since then. He started writing poetry in college and has won a number of prizes such as the 2003 Chinese Poetry Prize awarded jointly by the Star Poetry Monthly and Poetry Monthly, the third Yangtze River Poetry Prize, the twelfth October Literary Prize in 2015,the fifth West Literary Prize in 2018.


Ou Shilin


Ou Shilin is a prolific writer of poetry, short stories and essays. He is the author of two poetry anthologies Scenes of Incidents and Tell Me About Jerusalem. Being bilingual, Ou also writes and publishes English poems in countries like UK, USA and Australia.


Watching Snow in the Morning of February First

不要向沉默的人探问 何以沉默的缘由 早起的人看到清静的雪 昨夜,雪兀自下着,不声不响 盲人在盲人的世界里 我们在暗处而他们在明处 我后悔曾拉一个会唱歌的盲女合影 她的顺从,有如雪 落在艰深的大海上 我本该只向她躬身行礼


Never ask the silent people The cause of their silence. An early riser sees the quiet snow falling silence last night, without a sound. The blind live in their own world We are in the dark and them in the light I regret having taken a photo With a blind girl; her obedience was like snow falling on deep ocean. I should have done no more than bowing to her

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