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Zhang Lian, born in the 60s in Xiaoyanggou, Yanchi Nixia is founder of Chinese Country Naturalistic Poetry, contemporary famous poet and critic. He has over 10 of his collections of poems published including On Evenings, On Mornings, On Quiet Lands, etc. His poems are selected in many different collections such as 21st Century Chinese Literature 2001/2010, with comments by scores of well-known critics, which all contribute to developing him as Zhang Lian Phenomenon that can hardly be avoided concerning contemporary Chinese Poetry. He obtained the Spirit Award of 1st Folk Poetry of Independence and chief edited 2018 Collection of Chinese Country Poetry 1968-2018, Volume I & II, crossing half a century, totaling 1200 pages with over 4 thousand poems by 382 poets included, highly thought of as a collection country poetry and won the 2018 Chinese Annual Poet Award for Outstanding Contribution .


Yang Yujun


Encounter the Cool Blue of the Clear Sky

一抺淡红燃烧着整个净空 日落后的清冷淡寡在这秋末的萧色中 一切生命的枯黄萎缩 在一个心情里低落着 一抺淡红在燃烧 碰上整个净空那种清冷淡蓝 这是整个村子剩下的最后的颜色 在这一天的最后 我还是燃起了我室内的炉火 让青烟落满院落沉沉静静的 飘逸着低落在这大片蓝的净空下 一个小屋的烟缕足以证明 世界醒着的活物 我的心情就像烟缕一样 从铁皮的圆口里不停地冒出来 抽着室内孤独的空气 燃烧我自身肉体内的干柴 和红色的血液的时候 尤如煤的赤红寂静的 只有我和房相对着 我好像是那一抺淡红燃烧 碰上我整个室内空间 变得和净空一样淡蓝


A cloud of pale red is burning over the clear sky Desolate cool after sunset rustling in the bleak late autumn The wither and shrivel of all life Lying low in the mood A cloud of pale red is burning Encountering the cool blue of the clear sky The last touch left of the whole viliage At the end of the day I light my stove inside the house So grey smoke may fill every corner of the quiet courtyard Floating low under the blue vastness Cooking smoke of a small house is enough to prove Lving things in the waking world While my heart is emerging from the round iron opening Like a curl of grey smoke Drawing solitary air from inside Burning the dry firewood and red blood Inside my own body Crimson quietness like coal Leaving me and the house facing each other I blaze like the tint of pale red Encountering the whole space inside Turning light blue like the clear sky

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