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Cheng Jun

成君,原名成泰忠,男,1951 年出生于新加坡。毕业于南洋大学历史学系。新加坡文艺协会会长、前商务印书馆(新)有限公司董事总经理。成君著有诗集 《河的独白》、《淡淡的情愫》、《地平线上的世界》 、《追逐生命中的光彩》、《寻找种子的季节》 、《诗心牵影》、《诗路旖旎》、《结霜桥的哀歌》。成君现主编《新加坡文艺》和《新加坡诗刊》两份文学刊物。2012年获第 13届“亚细安文学奖”。

Cheng Jun, the pen name of Seng Thai Chong, Male, born in 1951 in Singapore. A Nanyang University graduate in history, presently the president of Singapore Literature Society. He had been the CEO of the Singapore Commercial Book Ltd. Co. His main publications include River's Confessions, Subdued Affections, The World Over the Horizon, In Pursuance of Glories of Life, In the Season Looking for Seeds, and several others. Chengjun is presently the chief editors for the Journals of Singapore Literature Society and Singapore Poetry. He had been awarded with the Third Asean Writer Literature prize 2012.


Song Meng


Song Meng is the pen name of Yeo Song Meng, a Malaysian residing in Johore Bahru. He has some Chinese education background with a tertiary qualification in banking and finance. He had working experiences in banks, legal firms and manufacturing enterprises. He is a retiree and a freelance writer now. His first book, a combination of proses and poetry in the title of Whisper in the Dusk, was published in December 2018.


The Quietly Subdued Affections

你说:我们还有多少回选择 在满腔热情的日子里 你说:我们还有几度夕阳红遍的呼声 在万道流光聚集的夜晚 谁最了解嫦娥的凄切怅惘 倒是月宫外浪子哭起了长歌 谁最了解后羿拉弓的失误 倒是屋后长工们燃起了篝火 天天盼望喝一场大醉的陈年老酒 天天去扫净阶前落叶惹来的萧索 天天祈求李白卷袖重吟长诗数百 天天期待那群无缘的蜂蝶 能舞过那条多情的河 东方的泪不如混浊的酒 雪白的缎不如乌黑的墨 石墙好久说不出话来 大地被迎面吆喝 雁儿断了翅 九月天异常晴朗 谁会想 高楼中的一户又落了幕······


How much time is left for us to select, you ask, For the days of extraordinary zeal How little time is left to hear the recurring cries for the golden setting sun, you say, After the fall of the night of myriad lights Who understand the most the sadness and bewilderment of the Moon Lady Contrarily, it is the rover who cries aloud outside the moon palace Who could understand the most the failures of Hou Yi drawing the bow Contrarily, the farmhands behind the house are ready to lit the bonfires Everyday the old wines looking forward for drunk Everyday trying to clear the steps the falling leaves that cause barrenness Everyday begging Li Bai to recite numerous pieces of poems with sleeves folded Everyday awaiting in vain to meet the butterflies dance across the river of affections The tears from the East are not as good as the murky wines The snow-white silks are not as good as the black inks The stone walls couldn't speak for a long time The land is being bluntly howled The swans have broken their wings The sky is pretty clear in September Who could have thought Another family from the top floor is pulling down the curtain Notes: 1. Hou Yi(后羿)--- A legendary hero who was known to have shot down 9 suns. He was the boyfriend of the Moon Lady. 2. Li Bai(李白)--- The well-known poet of the Tang Dynasty.

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