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Daxie, originally named Xie Wenge, male, born in 1957 in Qinglong County, Hebei Province, currently living in Shijiazhuang City. Main works include canto Sad Melody, novel The Long Song, fable The Fools Fable, awarded by Lu Xun Literature Prize and etc.


Han Wenqiao


Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, translator, theatre producer, extensively travelled in the UK and the US, translation work How to Win Friends & Influence People, etc. currently living in Xi'an as a freelancer.

     —— 致妻

A Hundred Years Hence
    —— To my wife

百年之后 当我们退出生活 躲在匣子里 并排着 依偎着 像新婚一样躺在一起 是多么安宁 百年之后 我们的儿子和女儿 也都死了 我们的朋友和仇人 也平息了恩怨 干净的云彩下面走动着新人 一想到这些 我的心 就像春风一样温暖 轻松 一切都有了结果 我们不再担心 生活中的变故和伤害 聚散都已过去 缘分已定 百年之后我们就是灰尘 时间宽恕了我们 让我们安息 又一再地催促万物 重复我们的命运


A hundred years hence, as retreated from life We are hidden in casket, cuddling abreast Like a couple of newlyweds lying together So peaceful A hundred years hence, our son and daughter Have passed away, so have our friends and foes All gratitude and resentment have finally ceased Leaving the new-beings, strolling beneath the clean clouds Once reflecting these, my heart Becomes warm and eased, as a spring breeze All settled down, thus we are no longer worried About the unforeseen and the mishaps of our life All meeting and parting are gone, Karma is fixed A hundred years hence, we are simply a layer of dust Time will pardon us and let us rest in peace Time and again, it will prompt all things to repeat our destiny

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