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Sangeeta Gupta

Sangeeta Gupta (B. Sc, M.A, L.L.B), born at Gorakhpur, U.P. in 1958, is a highly acclaimed bilingual poet, artist and film maker. Presently working as Advisor (finance & administration) to Lalit Kala Akademi, National Akademi of visual arts. She has 35 solo exhibitions of paintings, 20 published books, and 7 of her poetry collections are translated into several languages. She has directed, scripted and shot 7 documentary films, which are all in the collection of Library of Congress of USA. She has obtained a number of awards home and abroad.



Yang Yujun


Yang Yujun was born in Beijing in 1965 and now lives in Guangdong. Her poems first appeared in 1986 in newspapers and magazines such as Poetry, Poetry Stars, Poeple's Literature, etc. She has written and translated various works totaling 9 million words, published in various anthologies. Her collections of Chinese and English poems include Garden In Winter, The Hand on The Mouse Is Turning Cold.

Celebrate the Earth


In isolation weave the silence ?hear the melody of the breeze talk to your plants ?gaze at yourself in the mirror ?read the script of time on your face reflect on your journey so far ?dare to remember those ?who broke your heart and scared you of love forever cook for your loved ones compose lullaby for your grand children ?who will be born someday ?look at the stars who were waiting for your intense glance forever do nothing for a change ?enjoy the uncertainty of life ?accept your vulnerability? the corona virus is not in your control now you know your strength and weakness ?heal yourself and ?heal the earth today let the earth ?be celebrated as never before ?today is Earth Day.


隔离中 编制静谧 听微风的音律 和你的花草交谈 看镜中的自己 读时间在你面容上的注解 回到曾经的旅程 勇于记起那些伤害你 让你不敢再爱的人们 为你爱的人们煮食 为将来某天要出生的孙子孙女谱写摇篮曲 看星星 他们一直在等待你更认真注视 部位改变而做什么 享受生活的不确定 接受你的脆弱 新冠病毒无法控制 现在你知道你的强项和弱点 治愈自己 治愈地球 今天让地球 被祝福 以簇新的仪式 今天是地球日

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