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Denon Lim Denan


Denon Lim Denan is the President of Singapore Association of Writers. His poetry won the second prize of the Golden Point Award in 2001 and first prize in 2003. He has published numerous collections, including new poetry collection Meng Jian Shi in 2005 and If There Are Still Fireflies in 2017. Both books were shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize 2006. Mr. Lim is also the Executive Director and Chief Editor of Singapore publisher Lingzi Media.


Shelly Bryant


Shelly Bryant divides her year between Shanghai and Singapore, working as a poet, writer, and translator. She is the author of eleven volumes of poetry, a pair of travel guides for the cities of Suzhou and Shanghai, a book on classical Chinese gardens, and a short story collection. She has translated many literal works from Chinese to English. Her translation of Sheng Keyi's Northern Girls was long-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize in 2012, and her translation of You Jin's In Time, Out of Place was shortlisted for the Singapore Literature Prize in 2016.


Between Us

诗情驻扎沙场 历史弥漫硝烟 病毒布阵,寒热对峙 一米看似阴阳对望 两米疑似两极对立 三米,确诊为 真相对假象的沉默 四米 却是生灵对永恒的 鞠躬 啊!亲爱的,身边的 远方的 五米之外的 朋友 季节被隔离了 生命却被追踪着 花香随风,花魂随雨 必然传播,必会传播 若不能拥抱春天 你拥抱空气 我拥抱空气 我们拥抱空气 过些日子 我们拥抱阳光 激活夏季


poetry on the battlefield history covered in smoke a virus positions for battle, heat and cold collide from one metre, it's like yin facing off with yang from two metres, like two poles in opposition three metres, the diagnosis truth is silent in the face of falsehoods four metres is creatures bowing down to eternity ah! dear, all around in the distance more than five metres away friends the seasons are quarantined our lives are being traced the fragrance of flowers on the breeze the soul of flowers in the rain it must spread, it will spread now, if you can't embrace the spring embrace the air I embrace the air we embrace the air and before long we'll embrace the sun and bring the summer on

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