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Lim Shun Luang


Shun Luang Lim was born at the small island of southern of China in 1968. He's a member of Fujian Writers Association and The Poetry Institution of China. He likes reading and writing poems in spare times and published part of his poems on the Chinese literary magazines.


Lim Shun Luang


The Shell Trumpet

活着时 默默无闻 死后人们将你的声音 解释成大海的呼唤 这是命运的不公 抑或苍天的戏弄


When it is a conch He lives to be unnoticed When it became to be a shell trumpet The people think that It's voice is the call of the sea Somebody always is known to the public After he died


Putting Sugar Into The Sea

我的大海啊 你的心中总是充满苦盐和泪水 多像住在贫民窟的人们 我知道这很可笑 但有时候 我忍不住想往大海里撒点糖


Oh my sea Your heart is always full of bitter salt and tears So much likes the people living in the slums It's ridiculous, I understand Sometimes I couldn't help But want to put some sugar into the sea

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