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Tom Chandler

Tom Chandler is the Poet Laureate Emeritus of Rhode Island. He is the author of five books of poems, including the latest Toy Firing Squad (2008). He is a professor of creative writing at Bryant University.



Huang Hua


Huang Hua (1974-) is an associate professor of Capital Normal University. She got her PhD. from Renmin University in 2003. She is a visiting scholar in the University of Pittsburgh and engaging in research of modern Chinese literature and translation of modern Chinese poetry.

After Music


There is a hole made of silence, a breathy hush, vacant space outside time to honor the perfected sadness of each listener in an audience of strangers. After beautiful music someone’s gods die and certain birds turn to stone, the air scents sweetly of fruit and it is as if lost babies wait to be born again and everything makes no sense at all, but reasonably, because all hearts are overflowed now, and still.


有一个沉默构筑的洞穴, 一个寂静得只有呼吸声,空旷的空间 在时间之外致敬完美的 悲伤,来自陌生听众中 每一位聆听者 在美妙的音乐结束后 众神死去,某种鸟变成了石头, 空气中弥漫着水果的芳香,好像 夭折的婴儿在等待重生,一切 感觉都消失了,但很合理,因为 所有的心现在都被淹没,而且静止不动。

Looking Out A Bedroom Window Late At Night


Pretty certain nothing’s looking back, only me reflected in the glass till I switch off the light, drink in the late darkness. Just now a bird called from somewhere in its sleep. It wasn’t a wakeful sound and all those drapes pulled shut and curtains down in each direction as if the buzzing hive of everything had died, as if nothing had ever occurred and that single streetlight was shining for no reason.


我很确定没有什么在回望, 只有我在玻璃上的反射,直到我关掉 灯,在深夜的黑暗中啜饮。 刚才有一只鸟在睡梦中从某个地方鸣叫。 这不是一种清醒的声音,那些帷幔 被合拢,窗帘从各处落下 就像万物组成的嗡嗡作响的蜂巢 消失了,好像什么都未曾发生过 那盏孤零零的街灯无端地闪烁着。

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