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Xi Ni Er


Chia Hwee Pheng, writes under the pen name of Xi Ni Er, has won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008. He was the recipient of the Cultural Medallion in 2008 and the Southeast Asia Write Award in 2009. He has published 12 books including The Stretched Credulity (poetry), The Earnest Mask (Min-Fiction) and The Floating Republic (Flash Fiction). He is currently Honorary President of the Singapore Association of Writers.


Chao Ye Min


Impression Of The Land

竟然,我迷失了方向 在这片熟悉的土地上 有一种悲凉 沁入心脾 有一种荒凉 蔓延在当年车水马龙的街坊 似水流年,数十载一晃,人生如画 画如人生,一晃数十载,流年似水 不知是谁 趁邻里不留神时 换了幅现代画景 换来了荒凉 一定有人 忘了补上一笔 那说书人的老榕树 一定有人 把童年的烂泥塘 给填满了 也许,呵,也许有人 把来时路 一不小心 给涂掉落


Unexpectedly, I have lost my bearings In this familiar land A kind of chilling sorrow Seeps into my breast A strain of desolation Spreads along the former streets of home town The years like a passing stream Decades carried on its back A life-like Painting Whoever was it While life was nodding Sold it for this modern scene This desolation? Someone forgot To add with his brush The banyan tree of the story-teller Someone remembered To fill with cement The muddy pond of childish play And perhaps someone With a slip of the hand Blotted out the road By which we came

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