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Yang Yunju

杨运菊,笔名迷迭香,陕西安康人。作品散见《星星诗刊》《散文诗》《延河》 等刊。入选《华语诗人年选》《中国散文诗年选》等选本。《齐鲁文学》签约诗人,《实力诗人》微刊总编。有诗歌作品获奖。

Yang Yunju, pen name Rosemary. She is a native Ankang in Shaanxi Province. Her work appeared in Star Poetry, Prose Poetry, Yanhe and others. Her works were included in a few anthologies and she has received several poetry awards.


Yang Yunju


A Cup Of Insomnia Coffee

打开杯子身体的不是月光 是天黑前月亮撒下的谎 这只脆弱的杯具,容得下天空 容得下四季,唯独容不下 一杯失眠的咖啡。谁来拯救? 杯沿上的苦涩,杯底里的落痕 烛火摇晃在只言片语的破碎中 原谅我,你喝下咖啡 我替你失眠。原罪可卡因 滴进天宇,撕裂般美丽 原谅我,自投黑夜的罗网


It wasn't moonlight that opened the cup of physic That was the lie of the moon before this fragile cup. There is room for four seasons in the sky But not a cup of coffee for insomnia. Who's going to save it? The bitter rim of the cup, the drop at the bottom of the cup Candle shaking in fragments of a few words Forgive me, you drink coffee I can’t sleep for you. Original sin cocaine dripping Into the sky, tear as beautiful Forgive me, since the night of the net

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